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It’s getting harder and harder for Google to just pretend it’s not A competitor without competition we all know it will be. Case: as part of the company the ongoing war In an effort to address the huge sanctions imposed by the European Union, the company said Tuesday in an EU court that it was … time on Bing search engine. Yes, indeed.

“We have provided evidence that the most common question on Bing is Google,” Google Alfonso Lamadrid told the EU Supreme Court in Luxembourg. According to Bloomberg, which the first was said In a statement from Google, Lamadrid went on to say that “people use Google because they choose to do so, not because they are forced to.”

If this policy sounds good, it is because it is almost identical to the principles that Google CEO Sundar Photosi used in 2018, when European regulators launched beaten the skills company with a fine of $ 5 billion (€ 4.3 billion) —the largest ever provided by the European Union. EU allegations that Google has plagued the Android market in a number of ways, including by making its browser available as part of its mobile phones.

Photosi, meanwhile, saw things differently. Mu blog post “Android has made a lot of choices, not a few,” he said – as Lamadrid would argue after three years – that Android users could switch to another engine if they choose, say, Bing or Brave instead of the Google search engine that came in already full on their phone.

What Google has swallowed more than 90% of search engines around the world, Photayi continued, is the only reason users chose Google better than its competitors.

At the end of the day though, the reason why people often choose Google is because… Google poured a ton of resources into dominating search in the early days of the internet. Back in 2000, the company had already indexed more sites than any other search engine at the time.

In 2013, for example, the company had indexed an estimated pages 30 trillion as part of its many networks. Three years later, the number had risen sharply 130 trillion pages that’s enough. And the numbers have steadily grown since then. As Gigablast producer Matt Wells told The New York Times at the end of last year: “If people have a search engine with a small guide, they will not get the results they want. Then they go to Google and stay on Google. ”And in the end, Google will have a search engine Android and Apple similar systems, being on a Google page is much easier.

Contributions from competitors and tsunami awareness has become part of the process Google over the last few decades and smaller engines like Bing have he suffered to compete. Things are not clear, we have been here using the search engine by Microsoft as some kind of garbage.

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