Future MacBooks Can Have More, Great Trackpads

Apple’s MacBook trackpads are great, but it’s because they support the hands so they need extra room to be easy to use. However, it seems that these trackpads are not good enough for Apple to like because as they have acquired AppleInsider, Apple has a certificate which can grow.

We’re not talking about the main trackpad, but the patent says the entire half of the MacBook can be as large as the trackpad (except for the keyboard part, either). This means that users can touch anywhere around half of the laptop to register inputs.

The permit also stipulates that the edges may be similar to other high-rise and high-altitude areas that can function where necessary. Alternatively, it can be similar to Touch Bar where it can change functions depending on the application being used, for example in internet browsing, left and right can navigate.

That being said, it is unclear if Apple is planning to make this possible. The company has tried to restart the way we use laptops such as the Touch Bar, but unfortunately when it promises on paper, it has not done so.

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