FTC Wants To Know Why McFlurry Machines Are Still Lost All The Time

There are a few reminders out there that shed light on the folly that even with salty advertising like dairy and McFlurries, McDonald’s always seems to have no cause for damage to their machines. This has been a major problem when the FTC is considering weight.

This is according to a report from Wall Street Journal where they say the FTC has reached out to various McDonald’s shareholders to take their skills to these machines. Now, machines that operate all day at high temperatures can be damaged, no one can deny this, but it seems that illegal restrictions could also be the reason why they are not repaired as often as they should.

This seems to be the reason why Taylor, the company that makes the machines, prevents companies from repairing their machines. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Having the right to design means that companies will be able to hire more professionals to do the job, and probably very cheap price.

Freedom of movement is growing stronger as earlier this year, US President Joe Biden ordered officials to supporting civil liberties, The FTC later announces to them we will be looking at illegal movements.

That being said, there has been no official investigation into the matter and according to a letter sent by the FTC this summer, “The findings of the initial investigation do not indicate that the FTC or its partners found any wrongdoing.”

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