FTC Legalizes McFlurry Machines

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You can find out about McFlurry machines such as “how you make milk at McDonald’s” or, “machines that are always broken, prevent you from getting milk at McDonald’s.” But according to a new report, the Federal Trade Commission is clearly identified by the McFlurry machine as “probably violating anti-discrimination laws,” which are much cooler-cold than the machines themselves, you might say.

Wednesday, Wall Street Journal he added that the FTC had sent letters to McDonald’s owners earlier this summer wanting to know why the new machines were constantly malfunctioning. Like Gizmodo which has already been said, the permanent breakdown of the machine has aroused the interest of consumers, who have even gone so far as to file petitions against the lack of functionality, as well as traders, who have tried to create a search engine to help license owners repair the machine.

To put it bluntly, the McFlurry machine, manufactured by the Taylor brand, is known to be complex. They must withstand the cold temperatures required for the ice cream to cool and the heat to evaporate during cleaning. Although they account for about 60% of the food sales at McDonald’s in the US, according to a research study by Technomic Inc. code, which is why some licensees have a hard time retrieving them and restarting them.

The instability of the machines is what prompted a company called Kytch to step in and develop an information tool that was designed to help McDonald’s owners repair their McFlurry machines. But after establishing a deal in Kytch with Jeremy O’Sullivan after accusing Taylor of violating McDonald’s rights to repair their McFlurry machines and stealing intellectual property in a lawsuit, the FTC says it has intervened.

According to the Journal, which spoke to one FTC consultant and author, the agency is conducting an investigation, and is currently inquiring about “how McDonalds light up vendors with their equipment, including ice cream machines, and how often they own restaurants. are allowed to operate on their own machines. ”

In its letter to franchisees, the FTC reiterated that “the existence of a preliminary investigation does not indicate the FTC or its staff have found any wrongdoing,” meaning that McDonald’s isn’t in trouble just yet.

The investigation comes after the Biden Leadership issued a major law in July to review the arms embargoes across the region, including agriculture, health, shipping, transportation, and technology.

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