“F*ck Biden!” – Trump Supporters Gather to Protest Governor Newsom’s Campaign Rally with Joe Biden in SoCal (VIDEO)

Joe Biden left Idaho for California on Monday as part of his trip to the western US to witness the fire.

Earlier on Monday, Trump’s aides at Idaho received Dementia Joe with “F * ck Biden” signs.

Joe Biden also took “F * ck Biden!” receive a cart in Southern California Monday evening.

Trump supporters carrying placards “F * ck Biden” lined up outside Long Beach City College where Biden will campaign with Governor Gavin Newsom at the end of the by-elections.

ABOUT: According to VAERS Website: There were 3,296 deaths of COVID deaths in the US since July 24 – or an average of 70 deaths each day

“Please hide your children and hide your wife!” the defendant yelled at the megaphone before reaching Biden’s perversion.


See all patriots!


Defendant was asked if he had anything to say to Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom: ‘F * ck him’


Asian prosecutor said Joe Biden should be sent to China.


There was ZERO support for Newsom or Biden in Long Beach on Monday evening.

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