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Facebook posted an alarming “abortion” ad seen 18.4 million times since January 2020, according to new report and the Center for Counting Digital Hate. Abortion changes, they do not see unsuitable and unscientific and unscientific, is about the fact that accredited researchers have not place patients in the study.

Many ads come from Live Action, a self-help journal that aims to “expose the threats to the most vulnerable and vulnerable.” In many videos, the agency demonstrates the elimination of “modification” after taking a single drug as a proven, safe method.

The bottom line: a teenager or a woman in her 20’s has a bright future – going to college, maybe – getting a pregnancy test again. Perhaps under stress, the victim is thrown into a Planned Parenthood office while an oppressive nurse, listener, or doctor dismisses her for an abortion. He takes pills, crashes a car, and he’s Googles. He gets a miscarriage number, which tells him it’s a procedure It can reverse the effects of the first abortion pill. The video cuts a healthy baby.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate found that, between January 1, 2020, and September 8, 2021, Facebook has approved 92 such advertisements from Live Action News, Live Action, and Heartbeat International, an anti-abortion site for technology sites. Facebook’s advertising library shows that it took between $ 115,400 and $ 140,667 for “abortion” ads since January 2020.

The proposed method, using the hormone progesterone after the first dose of abortion drugs, is not approved by the FDA, and we have no reliable evidence to prove its safety at all. In 2019, researchers from University of California Obstetrics and Gynecology department had to stand the first reliable survey of the method when two of the first twelve students he suffered accidental blood loss. (Abortion, which the FDA approved in 2000, and has it’s displayed Risk is only .4% of cases.)

Nonetheless, “reforms in abortion” have become the norm. Eight says the law now that those who want to have an abortion should be taught the falsehood of remove the “change” option. Live Action ads also appeal to the people of Texas, who have issued a permit allowing citizens to pay $ 10,000 in cases not only to those seeking abortion but also to the driver who takes them to the hospital. Founder of Live Action Lila Rose he sang this law “is of the utmost importance in connection with the observance of human rights.”

Overall, Facebook’s advertising library shows that Live Action News and Live Action have spent more than $ 1.7 million on advertising since May 2018 and September 2021. The ads also include a promotion of “abortion”. together with the guidelines for legal counseling and myths about the safety of contraceptives.

With 22 of the more than 500,000 gains, Live Action he said that 24 people have been killed by the drug mifepristone since 2000. But the FDA said added the defense that this does not mean mifepristone Since the wrong treatment of people with health problems can lead to participation. Mu auxiliary resistance abortion “transformation,” the agency also misrepresented the incompatible progesterone study used in pregnant people, not those who had previously taken an abortion pill.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate found that Google, too, had a radical change in abortion ads on 83% of search terms like “find an abortion clinic near me”; The ads appear to be gone, deleted after Daily Beast connected Google. (By sending an email to Gizmodo, Google has confirmed that it has found the leftovers and violated its terms and removed them.) But early morning searches revealed that three out of ten changes to “abortion” show the site.

Google has informed us that it allows advertisements for abortions, provided that the advertiser passes through his or her consent process –“process” that includes write a box stating whether or not she gives birth. (Google lists ads about abortion with the words “Abort” or “Does not abort.”) It seems strange that they even allow the term “Abortion” resumes all promotions, especially after they donated $ 150,000 in advertising donations to an abortion consulting team set up as a medical network.

Both company rules prohibit displaying ads, to some extent. Google’s free adware prohibits advertisers from advertising “false commercial content” and “non-governmental products being sold in a way that indicates they are safe or useful.” Frequent Facebook, which has allowed Live Action and others to target children between the ages of 13 and 17, states that advertisements “offered to children should not advertise products, services or items that are inappropriate, unauthorized, or unprotected, or that use, mislead, or pressure on young people to deal with it. ”

The description of the prohibitions is in line with the story of “Andrea,” the school principal, the young people who follow them and those under the age of 44 and will be seen up to 300,000 times. Another ad about teenagers is displayed “OBGYN multiplication” which is said to have “completely reversed the effects of abortion pills,” and was seen more than 110,000.

Facebook fails to post false information on its platform, even with well-known publishers. Last year, the anti-government activist Avaaz taped an easily identifiable network covid-19 false “publishers”. Many sites remain on Facebook pushing for vaccinations, plots, and prescription drugs, sometimes with interstitials.

Gizmodo has reached out to Facebook, and we will update the message as soon as we hear it.

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