Evergrande electronic divisions ban Shanghai lists

Updates of Evergrande Real Estate Group

Evergrande’s car dealership collapsed in Hong Kong after it unveiled plans for a second listing in the Shanghai market at Star Market, with bonds left on the verge of repaying a debt the Chinese company paid last week.

The drag list is a hit right in the room that once had market capitalization than Ford and it comes as a financial crisis in Evergrande global markets and it created fear among investors around the world that they could not be reimbursed if the company made a mistake.

Software developer failed to make a $ 83.5m coupon because Friday for one of his dollars and he has grace for 30 days before he started infidelity. As of Monday morning, the developer had not yet provided new information to investors around the world, according to the sponsor.

At least two governments in China are also involved managed sales revenue from Evergrande stocks to prevent money laundering, within anticipation of what might happen repairing large debts in the country’s economic history.

Shares of Evergrande New Energy Vehicle fell nearly a quarter after the company exchanged trades that “its idea of ​​renminbi shares could not continue” following an agreement with Haitong Securities.

The Evergrande segment of NEV called Friday a “significant reduction in funding” and acknowledged that it lacked compensation for some of its co-workers and was left behind by the reimbursement of suppliers of industrial equipment, highlighting the escalating economic crisis.

The division, which shares about 94% this year in Hong Kong, had already seen it as one of Evergrande’s best prospects. Shares of the charity rose in January after a massive $ 3.4bn injection that included money from friends of Hui Ka Yan, the founding billionaire manufacturer and the oldest man in China.

But the company warned on Friday that without a quick repayment, the decline could affect “day-to-day operations….

Offshore retailers are scrutinizing Evergrande’s share of the company, as well as other assets it has outside of China, prior to debt restructuring.

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