Daimler joins Stellantis to produce European gigafactories

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Daimler is due to join forces with Stellantis and TotalEnergies to develop and manufacture electric car batteries in Europe.

Germany’s top car manufacturer said on Friday it would take 33% off the Automotive Cells Company, a deal made by Stellantis and TotalEnergies last year, which is planning make electronic devices in France and Germany.

The ACC has already raised € 1.3bn with the support of the French and German governments. Daimler said it will also raise “between $ 3 million” next year for the project, which will have two seats.

Additional funding from Daimler over the next few years will not exceed € 1bn, the carmaker added, but said the entire project would require more than € 7bn to be “up to 120 gigawatt hours in Europe” by the end of the decade.

“This new partnership allows us to access, use more resources and provide our customers with advanced battery technology,” said Daimler. Hello Kallenius.

Daimler Mercedes-Benz says it will be ready this year come out Types of burning brands at the end of the decade, “wherever the market may allow”.

The Stuttgart manufacturer is sold electronics of its S-Class saloon and E-Class vocals in recent months, and plans to offer all types of air-conditioning. Smart, Daimler’s Chinese co-owner Geely, already has electricity.

To build its electric cars, Mercedes-Benz may need at least 200GWh of battery power, the brand said in July when it announced its production of eight gigafactories worldwide: one in the US, four in Europe and three in Asia.

The ACC said last year it would develop electronic weapons in Douvrin, France and Kaiserslautern, Germany, near a page set by the Stelantis brand Opel, to “guarantee industrial independence in Europe”.

The plant will grow at every 48GWh by 2030, the equivalent of 1m of electricity generation to be produced annually, the company said.

Daimler is already buying batteries from other people such as CATL of China and has a stake in Farasis Chinese battery makers, whose goal is to make the plant in Germany.

German machinery has denied media reports that the original batteries were manufactured by Farasis – whose shares remained with the rest of the company this year – had declined slightly, adding that the battery maker “remains a key partner of Mercedes-Benz”.

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