Condoleezza Rice, HR McMaster is pushing for the release of Afghan orphans

Former State Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former HR McMaster security adviser have called for co-operation with U.S. and United Nations officials to take orphans to Afghanistan before being captured by the Taliban, saying it was “not just a matter of help” but “a major national security issue.” “

Story management: They write their case in a letter received by Axios, sent on Tuesday at the end of Jill Biden’s first wife, Vice President Kamala Harris, US secretaries of state and defense, church leaders, both UNICEF chief and UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

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  • Rice and McMaster show a single orphanage with 200 children who are said to be at risk mainly because they come from persecuted religions. Axios retains the name of the orphanage, at the request of the source who shared the letter, for fear of child protection.

  • But it represents only a small fraction of children whose parents lost more than 20 years of war, and it is unknown how many Afghan orphans were deported in the last days of US deportation and how many are left.

Details: “We are deeply concerned that inaction on this issue could lead to a new generation of people who are at war with the United States,” Rice and McMaster wrote.

  • “We know that young boys are being recruited, educated, and abused by the Taliban, and that young girls are being forced into military service. . “

  • “Many families in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe are eager to adopt these children and are currently being investigated as a matter of urgency.”

  • “Independent citizens in the United States are willing to pay for the flight. These children should not face their future. With their help, they can be removed and relocated by loving families who will give them the opportunity to live a full life, free from violence, violence, and oppression.”

What he says: McMaster, who was contacted by telephone Tuesday night, told Axios that he would like the letter to be kept confidential but signed to try to save children by highlighting “the Taliban’s history of child abuse in the industrial market.

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