Cloudflare Shots on Email Security

Cloudflare, internet a construction company, already has its many fingers customer protection pots, from DDoS security that isolation until a VPN phones. Now the company is using an old enemy: email.

On Monday, Cloudflare announced two security and security emails that it sees as a first step in handling false threats, reducing the ability to hack addresses, and reducing falls if a user simply clicks the wrong link. The products that the company offers for free, are aimed primarily at small customers and retail companies. And they are designed to be used on top of any email clients already have, whether provided by Google’s Gmail, Microsoft 365, Yahoo, or residual like AOL.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince says since its inception in 2009, the company has deliberately avoided going anywhere near the email problem. But he adds that email security issues are not boring, which is why they have become important. “I think what I think is that tour operators like Google and Microsoft and Yahoo have tackled this problem, so we’re not sure there’s anything we can do about it,” Prince said. “But what has become clear in the last two years is that email security has not been compromised.”

Prince says that employees at Cloudflare were “shocked by the threats posed through Google Workspace,” which provided emails to the company. This is not necessary due to the advancement of Google or those who offer other major features on anti-spam and anti-malware groups, he adds. But with so many types of emails threatening to deal with it right away, cleverly crafted messages are passed. That’s why Cloudflare decided to create more self-defense tools that the company and its customers can use.

On Monday, the company launched two products: Cloudflare Email Routing and Email Security DNS Wizard. The tools allow customers to put Cloudflare ahead of email providers, in particular allowing Cloudflare to receive and modify emails before sending them to Microsofts and Googles around the world. This is exactly the same as Cloudflare’s long-standing role as a “delivery network” of websites, in which the company is a proxy that can send data or handle malicious things as online visitors pass through.

Cloudflare Email Routing enables individuals or organizations to manage all email, such as @, from a single customer email address, such as a Gmail address. This tool allows you to combine multiple addresses — [email protected], [email protected] so they all send in one box. In this way, small businesses in particular can access the benefits of a dedicated, email-based site without having to navigate the entire platform.

The second tool, Security DNS Wizard, seeks to create two-way email protection for Cloudflare clients and an easy-to-use interface. The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) are two tools that combine IDs and email tracking systems: They try to minimize email disruption by setting up government documents that should match the senders of the message. This greatly reduces the inconvenience to attackers, say, sending emails to employees who appear to be from the “Cool Business CEO.”

SPF and DKIM have been around for more than a decade, but they are not widely known, as they are difficult to set up without errors that could cause problems if lost emails were lost. Cloudflare’s goal with the Email Security DNS Wizard is to make it easier for users to set up one security without having to do anything else.

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