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BFFs Ciara and Vanessa Bryant rocked coats similar to tigers in Italy at the three-day Dolce & Gabbana ceremony.

Ciara and Vanessa Bryant he had a great moment when he was in Italy. The 35-year-old singer and 39-year-old former dancer rocked a tiger-like gown with their hairy glasses carrying towels in a new post that was distributed on Tuesday, August 31.

Ciara shared a temporary Boomerang piece that was followed by a photo of the couple enjoying the latte. “Morning in Venice :)” he wrote. “Good night.”

The pair are in Venice for a three-day Dolce & Gabbana fashion event, which kicked off on August 28. The event showcased new pieces of upcoming Italian high-end clothing, which pays homage to Venice’s “history.” against a well-known history, journalists.

Soirée in the news was a star-filled story: Jennifer Lopez, Kris Jenner, Norman, and Heidi Klum was among the available stars. On her Instagram on Tuesday, Vanessa posted some celebrities in addition to her A-co-stars, including Kris and the actress Vin Diesel, who made a family events and delivery long-term partner Paloma Jimenez with their two sons, Hania, 13, and Vincent, 11.

Pals Ciara and Vanessa teamed up with some popular faces during fashion festivals, too. Ciara shared the fun part of the two dancing with the stars Helen MirrenNorman, PA Jennifer Hudson, and Megan Inu Stallion Tuesday.

On the next page titled “Girl Power,” Ciara shared selfies with J.Lo and Doja Cat in the photo carousel from the evening.

Ciara and Vanessa are well-known professionals, and they often travel together. In August, the pair hoisted up a TikTok for a “best friend” who hurried off. In it, Ciara’s lips shield herself from Kevin Hart “I’m not supposed to ask you to lie to me. I don’t have to ask permission to seduce you, you know why? Because you’re my best friend, b * tch. That’s your job.”

He continued, “The day we register is because we are best friends, then my cow is yours.” The singer wrote the story, “It took two to get there! @VanessaBryant knows how to fight curses, but that was great! #RealTalk anyway.”

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