Chinese authorities want Didi and Meituan to improve efficiency

Didi Chuxing Updates

Chinese regulators have ordered horsepower teams including Didi Chuxing to develop strategic plans to help consumers and workers within four months as the pressure increases the technical component from escalation.

The Ministry of Transport said on Thursday that it had invited delegates from 11 of the country’s highest places, including Didi, a food service team. Meituan and Caocao, a Geely automotive manufacturer, and warned the companies against such things as unfair competition, data security and illegal activities.

Managers told the companies at a meeting Wednesday to find out about their business, as soon as possible change tracking and comes up with detailed plans for a “renovation” at the end of the year.

A recent warning followed a number of recent disruptions by intervention which has attracted many Chinese technical companies and their founders.

Xi Jinping, President of China, in recent weeks has shown significant changes in “exalted common”, Interpreted by experts as not only about the distribution of wealth but also the rights of workers and consumers.

Didi, China’s largest rider, is struggling differently than the results of unprecedented research in its data protection. The study was launched a few days after $ 4.4bn was first released in New York in June, wiping billions dollars on the price.

Meituan, a food distribution group in Beijing, is currently awaiting China’s second-largest results controversial research. Alibaba, an ecommerce company founded by Jack Ma and who was first interviewed, was given a reputation $ 2.8bn okay in April for misusing their market.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the companies will comply with the rules immediately. The companies did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

China’s Supreme Court and the Ministry of Finance and Security last week upheld labor rights, barring the counter program “996” extension, whereas most team workers work from 9am to 9pm, six days a week.

In response to more scrutiny, companies including Didi and Meituan in recent weeks have begun approving the establishment of working bodies, according to people who are familiar with the matter.

As working groups form alliances with the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, experts say their formation may be announced. advancement in labor rights in China.

Jenny Chan, a professor of sociology at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said that while Chinese professionals will be “sensitive to heat” for rapid development, occupational safety is still unknown.

“In their lucrative and profitable appearance, senior executives promise to protect workers’ rights. However, we all know that from day one, these companies have outsourced or multidisciplinary employees, who are not known as co-workers,” Chan said.

Attempts to allow financial institutions to show “significant progress” if systematic staff are able to negotiate with online companies, he added.

“However, will the leaders of the working groups be protected from retaliating the cause or after it is over? The crucial question is still the power of the working class, which is being severely curtailed by the government as well [companies]. ”

But the arrest of a Chinese PhD student of Chinese technical research at the University of Hong Kong could cast doubt on Beijing’s involvement in the transition to employment.

Fang Ran was arrested last month by security forces in the southern Chinese city of Nanning, according to a media report on Wednesday by a man who claimed to be the student’s father.

“The university is aware of this and is looking into it. We will provide support to Fang and his family if necessary, ”said the University of Hong Kong.

Additional reports of Nian Liu in Beijing and Primrose Riordan in Hong Kong

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