China warns US that conflict threatens climate change

Climate change

China has warned the US that its “miscculation” has reduced bilateral tensions that threaten high-level negotiations aimed at tackling global vulnerability to climate change.

John Kerry and Xie Zhenhua, the world’s largest economic agents, are meeting in Tianjin, northeastern China, while Biden officials want the Xi Jinping government to help combat air pollution.

Meetings between very destructive be held against the status of abundance of species between the US and China over Beijing’s invasion of democracy in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang and the South China Sea, as well as technical and coronavirus resources.

Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister, spoke to Kerry via video link Wednesday and warned that the relationship could not be stable without a good relationship.

Wang also said that “the major disruption of the United States has led to the sudden deterioration of relations in recent years” and that “football is now in court in the US”, according to Chinese media.

Kerry, meanwhile, said the US was “committed to working with the world to tackle climate problems” and “encouraged” [People’s Republic of China] to take action to reduce emissions “, a spokesman for the state department said.

Since Joe Biden became President, relations between the two countries have remained strained with only a handful of meetings. In talks at the end of July, between Xie Feng, China’s deputy foreign minister, and Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state for the United States, China said their relationship was “at risk”.

But there has been hope that climate change could provide an opportunity for relationships to thrive.

The Kerry-Xie meetings come after talks in April in Shanghai that led to a commitment to a “real event in 2020s” to reduce emissions in line with the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement. Under the agreement, countries have pledged to reduce global warming “to below” 2C, especially around 1.5C, compared to the pre-industrial mass.

Li Shuo, an electrical safety officer at Greenpeace, the group, said the Shanghai conference highlighted a number of “small fruits” prior to a series of talks aimed at reaching a consensus on climate change.

“Tianjin is challenging in many ways, not just a relationship, but every move the weather requires courage from all sides,” Li said.

Glasgow will host a COP26 UN summit next month, with countries expected to set more climate goals.

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Beijing is trying to make itself a global leader in climate change as Xi promised last year that it would reach the zero-emission rate by 2060.

But China has been forced to offer its highest profile from 2030 until the middle of the decade. Critics say China’s continued economic growth in the coal industry threatens to break its promises.

“I believe Kerry will inspire China on ambitions, inclusive [emissions] The increase before 2025 is a reduction in coal, domestic and BRI, “said Li, referring to the goal of securing Xi funding from other countries.” But I doubt the Chinese will respond when Kerry is here. “

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