Check out the launch of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 and see the history of the launch

On Wednesday night, the project SpaceX’s Inspiration4 is planning to launch the world’s first civilian base. With the help of companies including Sam Adams and Martin Guitars, the three-day space mission seeks to raise $ 200 million at St. Paul’s Children’s Research Hospital. the most expensive joyrides in the atmosphere. The fact that the service is filled with advertising opportunities is not surprising, since setting up private sites is a great way to have fun and spread the word.

Jared Isaacman, billionaire founder and CEO of e-commerce company Ship4Payments, is sponsoring this well-known tour. The staff also includes the pilot, Sian Proctor, professor of geology; Hayley Arceneaux, St. Mary’s physician’s assistant; and Chris Sembroski, the same engineer won his ticket in the raffle. There are no astronauts who are astronomers, and have been relying on the independent SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule to ensure the smooth running.

If there is no delay, the Inspiration4 capsule will land in the air with the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket sometime between 8 pm ET Wednesday and 1 am ET Thursday before landing around the earth around 80 miles beyond the International Space Station (ISS). After about three days of zero gravity and clear ideas – not to mention events like ukulele performance and playing a patient video of St. Jude – The crew has returned to the world, and by the end of September, Netflix will release a summary of its five-page message. (The show’s first four paragraphs are already available for viewing, and Netflix is ​​showing off its YouTube page.)

The conference also includes motley payments for group and integrated equipment, including products that will be sold to the affiliate market upon their return to Earth. The range is from IWC-powered watches to rocket-based toys based on Netflix characters. Space Designers. There is a file on $ 2,000 Martin Guitar ukulele for Sembroski to play. And Inspiration4 brewer, Sam Adams, also prepared 66 pounds of hops to go into the air and have a drink with them by the time the mission arrives (beer will start to be sold at the end). Perhaps the most amazing thing about these things is the execution of indestructible symptoms stored on iPhones, including an NFT recording of the Kings of Leon song which has become the first NFT song played in the air. Pricing will begin on Thursday, and markets will end in November.

The watchmaker IWC has designed Inspiration4-themed watches for members to wear during their time in the air.
Courtesy of Inspiration4

While the sale of expired items is not new, it is about to become popular. NASA, a government agency overseen by the convention, has been banned from selling the site. But as the amount of non-NASA aircraft have grown, so have a chance to sell on the air and make things. Now, because space companies are not operating under NASA, there is a competition to find a new advertising opportunity in the cosmos: shipping goods into space before reselling them on Earth.

A brief history of aviation sales

NASA not only sells objects that have gone into space, but objects from NASA missions have found a way to market in the past. At present, astronauts are government employees and are not legally permitted to enjoy their duties until they retire from government service, restricting where they can sell any items they are allowed to bring to their missions. Some of the valuable artifacts that have been unearthed at NASA’s sites are donated to museums or, more commonly, sold by the government.

Some of the most amazing things that have made this journey back before they were sold to the public came from astronomers from Gemini, Apollo, and Mercury programs, some of whom saved their weapons from their missions. Closer rules that meteorologists can take from the original missions he fulfilled the word promises meanwhile, which has led to another argument to him who had the right to the past. But in 2012, President Barack Obama signed a law guaranteeing that the experts were free to own any property. on most of these reminders. Now, these items are on sale: One bag from the Apollo 11 project that Neil Armstrong used to carry the moon dust sold to Sotheby’s in 2017 for $ 1.8 million.

NASA also has strict rules against advertising or approving objects, and it does not make any commercials in advertising or photography. While a variety of space logos are available on everything from Vans shoes that Permanent above 21, the image is public, which means that it is free for anyone to use.

Cassandra Hatton, the world’s largest science and pop director, Sotheby, who works with experts on memento sales. “What first flew – there was no commercial purpose behind it. The cost is unforgettable.”

NASA has begun receiving additional commercial applications in recent years. In 2019, the warehouse was officially declared to be able to provide 90 hours of work per year for pilots to carry out business transactions submitted by private companies. For example, Estée Lauder last year paid the astronauts take pictures of the serum face in zero gravity on the ISS. ISS National Lab also affiliated with Adidas testing his ball at the station, though it is not known how effective it is to test the ball in the air.

All of this means that the commercialization of advertising and promotions in the air took place in the past without US site inspectors. However, he was backed by Roscosmos, the Russian equivalent of NASA. For the past several decades, Russia’s aerospace agency has supported advertising milk, Windows, Pepsi, and even Pizza Hut pizzas. And like Stanley Kubrick 2001: Space Odyssey and any indication of what is to come – the video owned a Hilton hotel on the moon – the practices of private companies that use the site as advertising opportunities have just grown.

Scott Pace, director of the Space Policy Institute, states: “Exploring space does not simply mean exploring various aspects of science or technology. “Also researching, you know, where the wealth can go? Are we expanding our global economy? ”

On-site trips mean that airplanes will be more common

Three private companies have already launched the world’s richest people: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The three companies have not only sold their products but have also helped them find advertising opportunities and advertising opportunities.

Virgin Galactic, for example, partnered with Under Armor to sell its name game, including “clothes”Virgin Galactic customers get on their planes and take off for later. The landmark company also collaborated with Land Rover to make the Astronaut Edition Range Rover accessible to the public who bought tickets for the Virgin Galactic flight. SUV approach includes space-like space-light, as well as trophies for making a rising cup from the first Virgin Galactic voyage.

Blue Origin is also used the establishment of his first ever-produced work, plus Bezos himself, to make the first electric car from Rivian (one of the largest retailers in the Amazon and Amazon, where Bezos worked).

A number of types of advertising, however, occur privately. After Bezos threw the Skittles on the air capsule his flight Blue Origin For example, in July, the Skittles hurriedly announced the release of a smaller package called “Zero-G Skittles.” The lover told Recode that the move had not been reconciled prior to.

While what is happening in the advertising and marketing campaigns seems to reflect the worst trends in American capitalism, some say there is a positive outlook. Most people cannot afford an airline ticket, because tourist prices are still high hundreds of thousands of dollars. But commercials and derivatives from these markets mean that private companies can still sell consumers the feeling that they are a part of this era in the history of space for very little money.

Robert Pearlman, “When we run our business, we can fly with them.” astronomer who runs the collectSpace page collection page, told Recode. “We begin to see for ourselves how flying flies start and say, ‘Yes, I can’t run in the air, but I eat Skittles.'”

The support of celebrities in the air may not be far away. Most popular I have already booked tickets on Virgin Galactic, and Virgin Galactic already has ideas for delivery the founder of TikTok science on one of his upcoming trips. Currently, the space company Axiom Space, which is took several flights from SpaceX, offers a “innovative platform” with a platform for companies to create digital displays and create online advertising. More Air-based TV it also operates, in addition to competitive demonstrations aimed at sending ordinary people into space. Discovery Channel is making one called Who Wants to Be a Star Guardian, and earlier this year, NASA signed a program called Space hero which sends the contestant a chance in the ISS.

While space travel is currently a pleasure, the billions of ordinary people and ordinary people who go to space for fun cannot last forever. But knowing full well about their flight, Inspiration4’s goal is to try to exploit the curiosity – of compassion – that comes with such an experience. We see the number of people who would be willing to pay for a piece of history when the mission is over.

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