Casting NBC Can Reduce YouTube TV Price By $ 10 Month

It has already been reported that NBC and YouTube are in a minor dispute over the license. As a result, NBC is beginning to warn subscribers that if both companies do not agree, they can watch NBC and its various channels. removed from YouTube TV.

It turns out that maybe this can’t be so bad, then you’re not looking at NBC’s channels or shows. Google responded to this question with public comment on their own while it seems that if NBC and its channels can leave YouTube TV, subscription rates could drop by $ 10 a month.

YouTube TV currently costs $ 65 a month, but if NBC’s channels are phased out, so a subscription that costs $ 55. Google says doing so could prevent them from offering YouTube TV at a “competitive and fair” price.

According to Google, “We ask that NBCU views YouTube TV like any other TV show. In other words, once our agreement is reached, YouTube TV looks at the same prices that the same levels receive from NBCU so that we can continue to provide YouTube TV to members at a competitive and fair price.”

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