Cambodian Students Develop an Active Drone To Help Hit Big Cars

Lots of drones and machine-free vehicles that are operated remotely. However, we have seen some floating ideas that suggest that maybe one day in the future, mobile drones can be a new way of driving what to expect. This future seems like an eternity here in Cambodia.

In Phnom Penh, a group of students have developed their own drone that works. Motivated by a desire to fight the city’s most famous riots, this drone can weigh up to 60 pounds[60 kg]and can fly up to 10 meters for 10 minutes. very, very strange.

Apparently this drone was also a charity project that took them almost 3 years to get here, and they are spending $ 20,000 on doing so. However, they have not completed and the students think they need an additional two years before they can prepare and fulfill. He also estimates that in the long run, the project will cost $ 40,000.

In addition to hitting cars, students think they can be used to put out fires, while they can be used to help carry water or carry a hose to the ground very quickly and easily.

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