Boris Johnson calms the French outrage over the Aukus security alliance

Aukus updates

Boris Johnson rejected France’s outrage over the new Australian / UK / US treaties, telling President Emmanuel Macron to “prenez un grip” and recognizing that the treaty would strengthen security around the world.

Speaking on a trip to Washington, where he discussed the Aukus agreement with President Joe Biden, the British Prime Minister said Macron should “donne-moi un break and to calm his anger about the work.

The UK Prime Minister’s comments came ahead of a meeting between Biden and Macron on Wednesday, as Biden hopes to resolve a dispute between allies.

Australia’s suspension of a $ 50bn (£ 26.6bn) naval deal with France to work with the US and Britain to build nuclear weapons boats has sparked outrage in Paris. France remembered its ambassadors to the US and UN for expressing outrage.

Biden is expected Wednesday to reiterate Washington’s “greater commitment” to its cooperation with France, as French officials say the US president is trying to mend fences “in cooperation”.

Johnson had no small conversations.

Speaking outside the US Capitol, Mr. Johnson said: “I just think it’s time for our dear friends around the world. hold on about this and give me time.

“It is a very important part of the global security system. It is a three-pronged partnership that stands shoulder to shoulder with each other and forms a new partnership to share expertise. It’s not just practice. It’s not trying to get everyone out. For example, it is not against China. ”

France has been wary of participating in Britain. Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s foreign minister, said Britain had played a small part in it, calling it “Great Britain in this case and the fifth wheel on the cart”.

Meanwhile, Clement Beaune, France’s ambassador to Europe, said Johnson was confirming that the UK was “legal” in the US.

Some British officials fear that the conflict could jeopardize France’s position on complex issues Difficult Partnerships with Northern Ireland and immigration police are trying to cross the English Channel from France to the UK.

In a call to Biden, Macron urged him to restore trust between Washington and Paris by acknowledging the role France and the EU play in the West Indo-Pacific route, a French official said.

According to the French side, the talks between Biden and Macron will examine the “difficulties of self-reliance” that have resulted from the Aukus. Macron, a French diplomat, said he hoped to “explain” why the US retained European integration and not Indo-Pacific alliance.

“We expect from our partners to realize that the exchanges and inquiries that should have taken place have not taken place, and that this raises a question of trust that we need to discuss together,” the man said.

Macron was outraged by the Aukus declaration because he was unaware of the three-state alliance, and because it had retained as much of France as the Indo-Pacific power and the citizens, islanders and 7,000 troops in the region.

Biden officials are approaching attempts to reshape the relationship through “trafficking”, said a French official, adding that Paris wants to enter the “second phase” now that it has announced strongly against Biden’s management exit the “first phase” of its response to the deal.

The Biden chief of staff told reporters on Monday: “President Biden has asked to speak with President Macron to discuss his strong commitment to the US-France agreement – a partnership that has promoted security, stability and development around the world for decades.

“The president wants to express his desire to work with France in the Indo-Pacific and around the world and to discuss other ways to work together.

“We understand the French concept; We do not agree with them on how all these things happened but we understand their point of view. We will continue to participate in the days to come. ”

A spokesman for Biden’s administration said it was unclear in Washington what France wanted to do with the recruitment process, whether it was recommended that the US ratify Paris’ territory in the Indo-Pacific or whether Paris was considering further foreign policy that would not match the US.

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