Bombshell Leaked Transcripts Reveal Biden Pressured Then-Afghan President Ghani to Lie About Taliban Advances to Downplay Crisis

As if it wasn’t bad for Tulo Joe before, even Deep State has started throwing him under the bus for not doing well in Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, Reuters received a report that Biden had last summoned him and Ashraf Ghani – the former President of Afghanistan – before the Taliban had finished seizing the country.

At a summit on July 23rd, Ghani described the situation, saying the country was being plagued by “total terrorists” of “10,000-15,000 international terrorists.” He further added that the Taliban were well-equipped and prepared with the help of Pakistan.

Biden did not care, forcing the then president to make the “assumption” that the Taliban had not made rapid progress, “true or not.”

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‘I don’t need to tell you ideas from around the world and in other places of Afghanistan‘I believe things are not going well for the Taliban,’ he said.

And there is a need, whether it is true or not, you need to create another image. ‘

Biden also provided assistance to Ghani US troops, including aviation, if they would agree to lie on the ground. He also asked the President of Afghanistan to convene local military leaders to help change the issue of Taliban victory.

‘You have a very good army, you have an army of 300,000 against 70-80,000 and they have the potential to fight well, we will continue to provide close support, if we know His plan and what we are they are doing, ‘he said.

But I think, I don’t know if you know, a lot of ideas around the world and that this seems like a lost idea, which it isn’t, isn’t necessarily important, but the only thing I urge you to consider is to include everyone from [Former Vice President Abdul Rashid] Dostum, that [Former President Hamid] Karzai and the middle, ‘he said.

‘If he stands there and says he’s going to take back the way you collected, and puts a soldier in charge, you know the soldier, Khan in charge of the operation, and this will change the mind, and it will change the evil that I think. ‘

The Afghan president rejected Biden’s shameless request.

Less than a month after his summons, Ghani fled the palace in Kabul – and the US-based government that was formed 20 years ago collapsed.

Someone “what-for-quo,” maybe?

It sounds like Ukraine over and over again – just this time the country was persecuted when Biden refused to send aid, and 13 U.S. military personnel have now died as a result of being forced to trust the Taliban to protect them.

Who’s going to attack this time around, since they don’t have Trump to replace Joe’s bribes?

Not only was Biden the one who tried to persuade the Afghan government to spread lies, Woke General Mark Milley also pressured Ghani in the first instance, by calling him again the same day.

ideas in the United States, Europe and the media are the history of Taliban growth, as well as the story of Taliban conquest. And we have to show it together and try to change that mindset, the story. ‘

A few months before the tragic expulsion from Afghanistan, Biden was telling the people that the departure would be successful and that Washington’s allies in Afghanistan were in control.

The latest findings confirm that this was not the case.

Biden’s attempt to force Ghani to slow down the Taliban’s progress has only confirmed that he – and the State department – have been lying about the crisis in Afghanistan from the beginning.

These liars are aware of all the time that the Afghan army is unprepared to deal with the terrorists, especially after being given billions of weapons when the US suddenly left in the middle of the night – But Biden ordered the withdrawal of troops.

His government has repeatedly said that “no one would know” that the country will be occupied by terrorists. Biden also denied the allegations he made Tuesday.

‘The idea that the Afghan government could hold on for a while longer than the military was not right.

‘However I also advised our security team to prepare for any incidents, even those. And that’s what we did.

‘Therefore, we were ready when the Afghan forces, after 20 years of fighting, foughttheir land I shall cast out for thousands, it did not last as long as everyone expected. ‘

Biden has always supported this lie, despite denying that his intelligence agencies had predicted that Afghanistan would be conquered by the Taliban.

The Daily Mail reported some of the worst news last month:

‘I don’t think anyone expects this,’ Biden told ABC News when asked about the urgency of the Afghan army.

‘It’s inevitable.’

When Biden was asked if he believed in the Taliban, the president replied: ‘No. But I believe in the potential of Afghan soldiers, who are well-trained, well-armed, and well-versed in military. ‘

The president was questioned about his intelligence efforts to bring down the Afghan government.

‘It’s not true,’ Biden replied. ‘He could not say that.’

‘The intelligence team did not say, in June or July, that this could happen as it happened,’ Biden told ABC News earlier this month.

Biden said he had not been told that the Taliban would take part as quickly as they did. Instead, he said there is a possibility that it could take a lot of time.

‘Even closer,’ Biden said.

Back then, Biden and his anti-American government knew things were not going well, but decided to continue with the negative foreign policy for a while in American history.

Accidental decision-making, as well as slow progress, has prompted his legislature to release anonymous names in order to hang the President while defending Deep State.

Biden is not in charge of anything, but he is responsible.

The problem is even bigger than he is, many people in Washington need to be released there after being handcuffed.

These people are thugs.

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