Bitcoin Scammers Steals $ 69,000 Using Fake iPhone 13 Event

It’s been almost a week since Apple’s Apple 13 event took place and we hope that before this, many were trying to figure out how to look online. A quick search on Google would find answers, but unfortunately for some, their answers were found elsewhere, which they eventually criticized.

According to to the Zscaler report, fraudulent bitcoin had created a website to mimic Apple’s page which linked to previous interviews with Apple CEO Tim Cook. It then revealed a message stating that Apple appears to be offering 1,000 bitcoin and in order to participate, users had to send their own.

In fact, it promised that for every item sent by the victim, it would be refunded twice, and it seemed to be effective once the liars were able to deal with the $ 69,000 cost.

As AppleInsider points out, there are some errors on this page that should indicate that something is wrong, but we think that unless you look at the fraud, some people may have missed this. We do not know if they will ever recover their stolen money, but we hope that people will be wary of the future of the websites they visit and these types of “advertising” on the internet.

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