Bigg Boss OTT: Nia Sharma to add to the drama as she enters the house

Player Nia Sharma | has gotten him into the real Bigg Boss OTT show. The mother is known for her unpredictable behavior and it would be nice to see her in the house. In these photos, she can be seen entering the house wearing shiny clothes while crying with her competitors. Nia Sharma is the first to enter the house as she enters the house with new powers.

According to the pictures, Nia Sharma | it looks beautiful in gold with a precious dress and a shiny heel. She is happy to enter the house. Jamai Raja actress is seen dancing into the house.

See pictures here:

Yesterday, it was revealed by a report on the entry of the house by Nia Sharma. In his first video, he shared that he follows this season Mr. Lord religiously and now it’s time to play the game. He also said that he will be appearing on the show from September 1. The actor has been to the show in the past but found it was not the right time. He almost finished being in Bigg Boss 14 but returned to the final for some reason. But now he has become part of the show and the audience is eager to see him perform.

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