Biden called for ‘dangerous’ talks to save the law

Joe Biden is also religious Democrats Wednesday evening after a peaceful discussion on what the White House called a “critical and critical moment” on the US leader’s views.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic President of the House of Representatives, and Chuck Schumer, a Democrat in the Senate, met with Biden at the White House to discuss in the evening what is expected to be a permanent vote for the Presidential Party.

“It is clear that we are at a critical juncture in this dialogue,” said Jen Psaki, a journalist for the White House. “Our goal here is to promote unity. . . We’re not here yet. ”

At risk there are two laws that Biden established his leadership: $ 1.2tn bipartisan construction bill and a $ 3.5tn cash in an American security net strongly opposed by Republicans.

The passage of bills through Congress has been limitless and Democrats fear they will face political problems if they fail to pass them. In particular, they are worried that they will fight in November which was very competitive Virginia ambassador competition and by-elections next year, when all Congress parties will take office.

Earlier in the week, Pelosi promised to vote in the House on Thursday on by-laws that would make a lot of money on roads, bridges, tunnels and airports, which introduced the Senate earlier this year with Republican support.

But as of late Wednesday it was still unclear whether the President had the votes to pass the legislation in the lower house of Congress, which Democrats control with a narrow margin of eight votes.

Many of the progressive lawmakers have threatened not to run for office until they receive confirmation from Democratic filmmakers on the right of the party – who Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Video of Arizona – that a large budget package will not be covered by the upper chamber of Congress.

Left-seat Senator Bernie Sanders has urged his fellow House of Representatives to vote “no” on construction projects until the big money passes.

However, Manchin poured cold water on Wednesday night’s demands, and issued a lengthy statement stating that “it will not help $ 3.5tn waste while we have already spent $ 5.4tn since last March”.

“Once upon a time, all of us, even if we are party members, should ask a simple question – how much is enough?” he added.

Cinema has not yet offered her views on high-paying. Asked Wednesday what he would say to the progressives who “do not know where you are”, he replied enthusiastically: “I am in the Senate.”

The two filmmakers had power in the Senate of 100 members because Democrats control the closest chamber: 50-50, vice-president Kamala Harris can vote. A single movie deviation from the Democratic Republic can ruin everything.

Asked about Manchin’s recent intervention, Pramila Jayapal, a Democratic Congress chair of the House of Representatives, told reporters: “This is why we are not voting on the two laws until we reach an agreement. [$3.5tn budget] debt of fellowship, and it is clear that we have ways to do it. ”

The President’s legal intentions are puzzling as administrators struggle with many other problems.

After failing to stand up earlier this week with Republicans on a state pay raise, Pelosi and Schumer should now conflict Adopting a “continuing decision” to avoid the government’s closure before the deadline of Friday 12:01. They should also raise government lending limits to avoid debt repayment next month.

A run-off election – which would require the government to pay until December – could receive Republican support and pass through all Congress chambers on Thursday. But the file for debt settlement dispute unchanged, Schumer continues to ban the use of complex legal procedures called reconciliation to raise mortgage debt without Republican support.

The White House was keen to emphasize the importance of tolerance on Wednesday, when Psaki told reporters: “I think it’s clear we’re in the middle of a dialogue and that everyone is giving a little bit.”

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