Ben Simmons wants to leave Philadelphia, he doesn’t want to go to training camp

Yet with the saying goes that Philadelphia hopes to be a contender for the NBA title, it seems likely that at least one of its young members will not be involved in the process.

Ben Simmons, the first senior candidate in 2016, told officials at the 76ers board that he no longer wants to be a member and does not want to go to training camp when he starts on September 28th.

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Simmons has endured a strained relationship between the 76ers fans, who were recently described and supplemented by those who were poor, and sometimes seemingly non-existent, actors in the game.

In the semifinals of the Eastern Conference, where the 76ers lost to the Hawks in seven games, the Simmons picked up a few shots in more than six games per game even though they played more than 33 minutes in all games but one game in a row.

In Game 7 of this series, Simmons even he agreed that “there was no” and they did not do well and provided enough for the team to make a mistake. In addition to the poor performance under the second-round playoff with Atlanta, Simmons fired 15 to 45 minutes from the free throw line.

This is far from the initial report on the decline in the relationship between the young guard and his team.

About a month ago, reports surfaced that he had lost contact with the 76ers and all correspondence was through his assistant, Rich Paul.

The 24-year-old asked questions from her teacher, Doc Rivers, who he said in public he “doesn’t know” whether Simmons could be a competitive champion.

Three-time All-Star and former Rookie of the Year, Simmons is four years old and $ 147 million is left on his contract.

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