AZ Audit Update: Report Coming Shortly Due To COVID Delay – Doug Logan Has a Fever

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann

The research report in Arizona is currently finalized but the recent crisis of COVID-19 has led to a reduction.

According to The Gateway Pundit report last Monday, a portion of the research report was submitted to the Arizona Senate, but members of the accounting team contracted COVID and one was hospitalized!

BREAKING: Sen. Karen Fann Releases Updates on AZ Audit – Session Submitted to Senate Today – Cyber ​​Ninjas With COVID – Review Starting Wednesday

When everyone recovers, they will review the report for accuracy, documentary evidence, and clarity, before making it public.

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Arizona Senate President Karen Fann told The Gateway Pundit that one of the members who had just been released from hospital on Friday but was still ill. Doug Logan is starting to feel better but by the end of this week he had a temperature of 103 ° and will remain isolated until he never recovers.

The virus has been slow but President Fann said, “The important thing is, we want to make sure the report is complete, accurate, and everyone is using their brain cells as they try to complete it.”

The team is trying its best, even if it is going backwards.

Last Monday, President Fann issued a statement stating that Maricopa County had finally submitted photographs of the envelopes sending their emails and signatures to the Senate. He is now ensuring that the envelopes are signed after receiving documents stating that Maricopa County is depleted, and that he eventually removed the sign on election day.

He is reviewing the ballot papers for signatures, and he expects the session to be completed and ready to be released with a full report.

False stories Brahm Resnik, a compassionate obedient thief, has spread lies on Twitter.

Brahm and Maricopa County go on to say that the images were released in April. They said it was on file when they cast ballots and machines.

Three accountants sought it out, but to no avail.

At a hearing on the July 15 inquiry, Doug Logan was asked about photographs of signed signatures.

Logan: We do not have these images. Maricopa County has said it provided us with photographs of the envelopes, but the folder they draw in some way is related to voter registration. It does not seem to be related to receiving votes. And I hope Mr. Bennett can tell you more about his conversation, but we asked him, “So you say that in that folder, we have to have the envelopes that were used to vote in the last election?” did not answer our question correctly.

LIVE STREAM VIDEO: Hear the Senate in Arizona on the Audit County Result in Maricopa at 10 AM PT or 1 PM ET

Ken Bennett recommended that the envelopes be sent back.

Photos of the envelope were selected and FOIA was requested by President Fann, and then taken to the Senate by car, earlier this month.

Now, they can work to complete the session.

While we await the report, we are also awaiting County Compliance and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s legal and regulatory compliance.

Arizona State Attorney Mark Brnovich Tells ‘Unlawful’ Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to Provide Contaminants to Investigators

If the County fails to address this violation of Senate-mandated laws, it will lose $ 70 million to the federal government.

The Arizona Senate is finalizing what has just begun.

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