Apple’s New MagSafe Wallet Now Supports the ‘Find My’ Network

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 app for the first time, the company also announced a new version of MagSafe. He later re-launched MagSafe tools such as MagSafe Wallet. Pa Apple 13 Apple Event, the company has announced that it has now launched a new MagSafe Wallet that will work with Find My network company.

For those who don’t know, My Find My Networks are the ones Apple uses to help users find iPhones, iPads, AirPods, AirTags, and many more lost ones. Although MagSafe Wallet does not have a built-in GPS chip, the way it works is that every time a wallet is stored on an iPhone, it sets the location as its final destination.

This means that while they may not allow the owner of the MagSafe Wallet to track a device that is missing while on the move, it can be useful if it crashes your phone and you want to know where the last stop was. As mentioned, while GPS can be very accurate and can allow users to look at the right location, this is a great thing for those who want to use MagSafe Wallet with their iPhones.

Apple realizes that this only works on the iPhone 12 and later but does not work with the case. MagSafe Wallet is priced at $ 59 and is available order via Apple’s website.

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