Apple Watch Afib Alert Can Save This Woman’s Life

One of the new health features introduced in the Apple Watch over the past few years is the ECG scanner. This is a tool designed to detect inconsistent heartbeats, which can be considered a sign of Afib. This is important because it can be fatal if the person is not treated or treated urgently.

According to a report from the LaCrosse Tribune, a Minneapolis woman may have an Apple Watch thanks to her, according to her, she was on a trip in June where she received a warning from the watch. He told the 70-year-old that his heart rate was 174 and that he could stay in Afib and make a quick phone call.

At your local hospital, she had several tests and according to her doctors, she was told that her watch was correct. The report did not say what happened next, but it is possible that since the incident took place in June and he is now reporting his case, it has been maintained, or he may be improving.

ECG monitoring was first introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4 back in 2018 and has since acquired other models, with the exception of the cheap Apple Watch SE which was left to reduce costs.

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