Apple Using Apps That Can Control Mental Health Using iPhone Data

While Apple products like the iPhone and Apple Watch come with a range of health features, these are very much about physical health as you run, the amount of calories you burn, and much more. It’s a bit lacking in terms of mental health, though Apple incorporates programs like Breathing and Meditation.

Sometimes, though, we may suffer from a mental illness without even realizing it. For example, there are various frustrations what some might say is just a bad day.

That being said, it looks like Apple may be working to make some problems worse. Report from Wall Street Journal (paywall) has revealed that Apple appears to be working on health awareness using information from devices such as iPhones and Apple Watch. These will come as an examination of how they sleep, how people write, heart and breathing, and facial expressions.

Apple is monitoring the performance and if it is effective and efficient, it could be part of Apple’s future sales. It is said that Apple’s experiments are still in its infancy and it may take several years before we can graduate, so let’s just wait and see.

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