Apple to reduce the rules for paying for media programs such as Netflix and Spotify

Updates from Apple Inc.

Apple announced Wednesday that it was releasing strict subscriptions to developers such as Netflix and Spotify, allowing them to include links to their sites that could help companies pay for iPhone subscriptions.

This was made possible by research from the Apple Store and the Japan Fair Trade Commission but will operate globally. From early 2022, Apple will allow developers to share a single link on their page to help users set up their accounts, the technical team said Wednesday.

The idea of ​​the iPhone makers came later South Korea this week became the first country to enact a law that would allow mobile users to pay those who make these apps directly to their apps instead of being forced to do so through app payment systems like Apple and Google.

Separately, Apple last week release limits on its App Store which prevented manufacturers from releasing discounted prices to customers through other means.

Recent changes can make a big difference, as they like Spotify he says for a long time that it was unfair that Apple had their songs competing with them while playing as a gatekeeper with its App Store and fined the Spotify Commission.

Developers around the world have been complaining for decades that Apple’s payment policies were too strict and unfair to consumers.

Apple wants all digital money to flow into its pay-per-view program but has allowed it to exclude “reader” apps, a fun group in which users subscribe or purchase digital products that are often spent on multiple devices. Some of the biggest brands in this category are Netflix, Spotify and Kindle.

Subscribers to Netflix, for example, are able to sign up and pay for their online account. But Apple did not allow the app to inform customers of the method, which could confuse the iPhone’s manufacturer. 15-30 percent Commission is based on items purchased through the App Store.

Some apps, in addition to popular games, are required to recoup all electronic payments through Apple’s pay-per-view app. That requirement remained court clerk, Epic Games, producers Four men, went through the Apple Store and its own, a cheaper way to pay, which made it happen Apple is running out the program last year. A verdict in the case is expected this month.

Tim Sweeney, head of Epic Games, wrote on Twitter that Apple is only adding to the already existing pressure on its strict rules. “Apple’s unique work of” software readers “such as Amazon video, Netflix, and Kindle has been extremely unique,” he said.

He added: “It is difficult for me to realize that this is a safe bet Four men receiving direct payments may not be risky. ”

A major reader software developer said: “We need to look at how Apple’s policy has changed, but a few anti-traffic protests will not solve all of our problems.”

Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow who manages the App Store, said: “We have a lot of respect for the Japan Fair Trade Commission and we appreciate the work we have done together, which will help developers make it easier for users to set up and manage apps and their activities, in order to protect their privacy and to maintain their trust. ”

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