Anonymous Complaints Disturbed Everything From The Favorite Nazi Website

Image courtesy of Anonymous Claims to Stolen Huge Trove of Data From Epik, the Wing-Wing's Favorite Web Host

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Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous allegedly defrauded website registration firm Epik, alleging they stole “ten-year-old information,” including information from customers and their communities.

Epik is controversial, as he is known to be a stranger various clients on the right, including those who have provided previous pages, such as GoDaddy, have gone down for various reasons. Users also include social networking sites on TV Speak up and He has given, as well as YouTube by wannabe Bitchute and former President Trump, The Donald. The company recently owned – a website designed to help people deal with people in Texas who want to have an abortion – but he was then forcibly removed a platform for collecting tips after realizing that it violated Epik’s rules by illegally collecting third-party information.

Now, however, the transparent appearance of its platform means that all Epik customers will soon be able to regain their background information for publicity.

The obvious story was the first Author Steven Monacelli, a freelance journalist from Texas, who tweeted Monday that the company’s “big store” appears to have been stolen. Monacelli’s statement comes from a 4Chan “press” released by alleged fraudsters. In the process, the team has been buying shares and transfers, documentation accounts for “all Epik customers”, and the loss of data from the Epik employee’s email inbox, among other things.

“This datase is what we need to find real ownership and management of the well-known part of the internet that has escaped researchers, freedom fighters, and, almost everyone,” he says.

When he arrived to explain, Epik told Gizmodo that he did not know about the hacking. “We do not know if there were any violations. We focus on the safety of what our customers care about us, and we are investigating what they say, ”said the prophet, in an email.

Whether Epik is aware of the violation or not, what he claims to have now is in the hands of cybercriminals who want to publish it online. Destructive group Secret Distribution The second that the source gave them the loss is that they want to address these issues in their group. DDoS, which has had a habit of publishing information from many Epik customers, has confirmed that the move includes the registration details of the company’s users. DDoS page says The dam includes “180 gigabytes of use, registration, posting and much more of Epik’s ‘secret’ website, which is known for infecting Fascists, whites and other right-wing individuals and harassing websites.”

Wetland-related links are available all over the internet but Gizmodo does not encourage many users to download the blanks.

In the past, Epik has served as a refuge for groups of right wing wings that have been removed from other residential areas. As such, it took Parler and Gab, Twitter known to the MAGA who had trouble finding a home after planning more on January the attack on the Capitol house was found to have originated from their unaltered platforms. However, the company recently announced that it is pulling a line somewhere cut the connection with abortion site.

DDoS has already been caught on suspicion of theft and / or vandalism, including those involving the Gab, Parler, and Metropolitan Police department in Washington DC. including thousands of secret emails, FBI bulletins and memos written since 1996. Twitter stopped DDoS from reporting the breach of “stolen information,” which could be posted a few months later.

Gizmodo has downloaded Epik’s copies and is reviewing their contents.

Additional reports of Dell Cameron.

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