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Eleven activities that took place in the ‘AGT’ phase 16 last season which took place on August 31. Some activities performed well, while others were stumbled as the competition intensified.

America Is Intelligent just a few weeks left to win another winner. Peter Rosalita has started the semi-finals of season 16. They have missed out on the first ever, so they ask to start again. Peter doesn’t let this little moment get to his head. They sing a wonderful song of Mariah Carey’s “Pop.” Sofia vergara on the rave, “You never missed a thing!” Simon Cowell it means that he ‘really’ loves’ Peter’s actions.

Michael Winslow he is coming after him and elevating his game from the moment he did the last. He asks the judges to select the words from the groups. Simon admits that Michael was “fun” this week, and has “great respect” for the speaker. Howie Mandel still head to Michael and expressing his support in a great way.

Peter Rosalita in the final 16 seasons of the season. (NBC)

Choose wild cards and Except a Trusted Dance Company. They bring their threat to the court and play “Me too” in Meghan Instructor. “You should be here,” Heidi Klum he tells the group. Without nets, Aidan Bryant takes part in its air defense. At one point, Aidan just hung himself up. “This was a gold medal,” Simon tells the 16-year-old.

Vagasy difficulties Wows is the drama “Can You Feel Love Tonight” from Lion King. Simon sees his style of play as “very safe” at the end of the semifinal. Howie adds that Tory has a “high talent,” but is “on the wrong show” Heidi downsides by saying that “every episode of Broadway would have a chance” to be with Tory.

Taekwondo Exhibition Group bringing their A-game back to Eight. “I love it so much tonight,” Howie announces. “You’re everything.” Simon tells the group that this was a “very good performance”.

Aidan Bryant
Aidan Bryant during the semifinals. (NBC)

Madilyn Bailey he has chosen to sing another original song, but this one is more affected than his anti-tweets song. They do a beautiful kind of “Red Ribbon.” Howie admits he was not a fan of this. “I didn’t think it was anything.” Simon doesn’t agree with Howie at all and tells Madilyn not to listen to Howie at all.

Dustin Tavella he has a neurological problem in his last game, but he still shows up well. Simon says Dustin is a “born legend” born and believes he will have them at the end. Korea Soul plays “You Say” with Lauren Daigle at the end. Simon agrees with their choice of music, and Sofia thinks it sounds better than the last time.

Gina Brillon he is a lover of laughter at night, and nailed to the end. Howie calls her “the winner,” and Heidi thinks Gina should have a chance at the end of the 16th season. Jimmie Herrod closes the night with the spectacular work of “Glitter In The Air” by Pink. “You’re unfaithful,” says Sofia. Simon says his performance was “masterclass”. Howie has come to the conclusion that Jimmie is the “most talented singer in this competition.”

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