Amazon is launching a home-based monitoring robot Astro

Amazon has unveiled a stand-alone robot designed to take care of the house, part of a new technology that can return privacy policy he encourages.

The almost knee-deep robot, called the Astro, has been described by team commander Dave Limp as a “beautiful illustration” of progress in artificial intelligence.

The robot can be sent to other locations in the house, with a periscope camera mounted from the top of the device that can record up to eye height, and follow users around while playing a video.

“We had to use AI techniques in many ways, including the use of advanced learning techniques to create home mapping tools, and create new ones [simultaneous localisation and mapping] algorithms that are always refreshing, “Limp said.

Astro, which has been on the rise for the past four years, will spend $ 999 and shipping to fewer customers by the end of this year, Limp said. At a rally on Tuesday morning, he showed Astro on the platform asking him to hit him.

Astro’s facial expression shows the two big eyes of the artist as a way to make it look better, say his experts in a video ad. “In five to 10 years we hope that every home will have one robot that will be an integral part of your daily life,” Limp said.

Ben Wood of CCS Insight, a technology research group, stated: “Like others Amazon For sale, there is no question that the Astro robot will be a lightning bolt in private negotiations. But in the end it is up to consumers to decide if they want this type of technology in their home. This will be a litmus test to be simple or confidential. ”

Matthew Guariglia, a law analyst with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil rights group, said consumers would not hesitate to order an Amazon-made robot to come into the house.

“If someone has been looking for an iPad for wheelbarrow around your home, this device might be a good idea for them. But I think consumers are more aware of the dangers of privacy, now more than a few years ago,” he said.

Amazon said Astro had privacy features, such as “offline” where the robot is not allowed to go, as well as “uninterrupted” forms that sometimes block the robot.

The Astro will be integrated with Amazon’s Ring home security system, which also includes a house drone that can fly around a house that was first announced last year but has not been widely released.

As part of the changes to the Ring system re-announced Tuesday, Amazon said it would set up a $ 99 per month “security service” that would allow a remote worker to find customer food at home to identify any hazards, such as intruders.

The company tried to address the potential risks to the privacy of its products, which included a small child-friendly video game and Echo on the wall whose display could change to get the person to look at it.

In addition to emphasizing that this could be a malfunction, Amazon said its computer-generated machine, AZ1, could enable spoken instructions to be processed on the device, rather than just need to be sent to a server.

The company has been widely criticized for its secrecy in the past when it was alleged that its employees were listening to pornographic images in support of its technical support.

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