Amazon Event September 2021: Astro, Echo Show 15, Smart Thermostat

So far. Today, Ring says A Whole House Camera is always available soon — but it’s just a call (The noise did not confirm its prices). The idea behind the camera is that it uses sensors working with “dedicated neural processing unit” to capture noise or activity in the house, and then fly automatically from its elevator – a receiver that also locks the camera while the drone is resting-recording everything that happens in the house. The president of the Ring, Leila Rouhi, said in a pre-election interview that a drone must be made before it can be released. The camera should detect the location of the windows, differentiate between an animal moving around the house against the destroyer, and avoid chandeliers, he said.

That may be true, but a strong response to last year’s drone disclosure may have prompted Amazon to retire temporarily. “Not, in any case, put Amazon aircraft in your home,” the Fight for the Future defense force was sent at the time. Now, some lucky customers can do this.

Ring the Pro alarm

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Amazon hopes you haven’t given up Come on, his smart home that was set on fire in 2019 because of its challenges data sharing agreement with legal practitioners and the amount of Mahaki. The newest Ring tool is a file of Ring the Pro alarm, a dual security monitoring system like a router.

For $ 250, you get a place to start with Eero Wi-Fi 6 Built-in router (Amazon bought Eero in 2019). The fastest LTE recovery runs even when your internet connection is down. Because $ 50 more, you will find an extender, a pen, an alarm, a scanner, and four window and door sensors. The alarm can store videos locally with Ring Edge, which is great for anyone who doesn’t want their data on the cloud. Available to subscribers of Ring Alarm Pro and Ring Protector and comes with a 64-GB MicroSD card, which stores approximately 47 hours of video, according to the company.

There is also a new Pro program in the file Protect the Ring plans, which cost $ 200 per year or $ 20 per month. You will have expert monitors, backup internet on all Ring devices, connectivity to the Alexa Guard Plus support phone, and strong online security using Good Eero.

Virtual Security Guard

Write security guards
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If you have a small business or have a number of homes or rental properties, Virtual’s Guard Security’s new Ring may sound exciting. Third Activity –Quick Response, although Ring says other security companies will join them later – they can monitor external cameras whenever they have weapons. These agents are able to see alerts and respond appropriately, such as setting up an alarm and alerting police if a detective has come. Ring says operators can only see feeds only if movement is detected, and not when the camera is discarded. You have to register for early access.

New Notes for Reeds Lovers and Cameras

There are also two new types of alerts that you can use with existing computer bells: With Package Notifications, available on Video Doorbell 2 Pro and Video Dooorbell (2020), you will receive notifications for each package delivered in a specific area. Custom Notifications Works with the Ring Cam Battery to determine if an item is in a certain condition — such as when the garage door is left open or the car is on the road. You can change the areas and items you want to monitor and the Ring app will send any notifications to your phone.

Protecting the Leaves of Job

Safety of work rings
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Working with The Home Depot, the new Ring JobSite Security the bundle requires that it be easy to monitor the working environment. There are a number of customizable packages, but it also includes Ring Alarm Pro with the ability to add Ring Protect Pro subscription function for 24/7 (keeping devices running online even when there is internet). You can purchase and connect with accessories like Ring Power Packs, smart cameras, and smart lighting. Available at The Home Depot and packages start at $ 400.

Blink Video at home

Amazon Blink at home
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If you don’t live in the Ring, there’s always Blink, another smart real estate company that Amazon found. It just announced the first one Home video, the latter with HD 1080p video day and night, notifications sent to your phone, dual sensors, and up to two years of battery life (unless you choose wire). It is compatible with Echo and Fire tools, which you can use to monitor the camera and navigate through Alexa voice prompts. It starts at $ 50.

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