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For the past two weeks, I have not known anything about the Greek language. If you were to ask me about Achilles, I would tell you that there is something very special going on with his heel. Honestly, I don’t think I’m interested in this subject. But when I saw tons of @alirezatalischioriginal of Madeline Miller’s first book of 2012, Achilles’ Song ($ 17), instead of withdrawing due to lack of interest, I bought it right away. Why? Because every TikTok movie was about how this book changes the heart, and I, Pisces, i love to read the sadness that makes me cry more than any other book.


this book is not for everyone, see tw!#miakhalifafans #miakhalifafans #tiktok

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Dear reader, Madeline Miller DE-LIV-WOLAKWIKA. It’s been a week since I read the last page of this book that also thinks of Achilles and Patroclus from Homer Iliad as a love story, and I can still cry and just think about it. There is a reason why Miller won several awards for this beautiful article when it was published, and its resumption due to BookTok completely legal. So if you want a book that can ruin you, let me talk to you a little bit Achilles’ Song.

Representative Comment

“I would have known him, I would have touched him, I would have smelled him; I would have known the blind man, how his spirit was restored, and his feet struck the earth. I would have known him at death, at the end of the world.”


Be prepared to fully communicate the subject and be keen to read it in as few meetings as you can. It’s great if, like me, you don’t already know Greek mythology – you’ll learn everything you want to know along the way. Just touch the limbs and get ready to feel good.

Where to Read

Wrapped in your bed, wrapped in blankets, and without distractions. Be assured that you will cry in the end and plan accordingly.

Read This If You Like. . .

Romantic stories, war stories, Greek mythology, Iliad, books that focus on other topics, books that can make you cry.

POPSUGAR Difficult Reading Encourages You

This book can see more than one 2021 POPSUGAR Difficult Reading quickly; just get what you deserve.

  • Best Women’s Prize For Fiction (2012 winner)
  • A well-crafted book to see in 2021 (Greece)
  • A black textbook
  • Everyone seems to have read the book but you

How Long Does It Take to Read

On pages 369, the book took me six, six and a half hours to read in a few days. It is a book that you can eat a little at long meetings, but one that you can read little by little because of the names, places, and events on the road.

Give this Book to. . .

Virtually anyone who can pick up, read, and talk to you about it later.

Summary of Sweet Place

Achilles’ Song is also considering the case of Achilles and Patroclus from Homer Iliad. It follows the duo from childhood to the time the Trojan war began and lasted for more than a decade, when their first relationship and intimate connection grew and flourished over time. It’s a heartbreaking love story that can make you feel so much better, cry more freely, and want to share it with your friends right away.

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