A Secret Room Unveiled in Gibraltar’s Famous Cave That Protects Neanderthals

Access to Gorham's Cave Complex.

Attempts to find hidden ways at Gorham’s Cave Complex in Gibraltar have worked after about 10 years of hunting.

Neanderthals and modern people have lived at Gorham’s Cave Complex for many years, leaving the old, weapons, evidence of campfires, remnants of slaughtered animals, and even earlier artwork in the form of attractions. The cave of the caves was he announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016 because it was “a unique testimony to the capture, traditions and culture of the Neanderthal people and modern human beings for more than 120,000 years.”

Located east of the Rock of Gibraltar, the lake is home to several caves, including Vanguard Cave, Hyaena Cave, and Bennett’s Cave. Researchers at the Gibraltar National Museum set up a project in 2012 to collect the best measurements for the cave and to explore unknown pathways with hidden chambers and mud flats. It took about 10 minutes years, but the team, led by naturalist naturalist Clive Finlayson, has found something special.

“A few weeks ago archaeologists from the Gibraltar National Museum, nine years later, discovered a large room at the very back of Vanguard Cave,” according to Press release. “Preliminary research has revealed 13 meters [42 feet] The room was on the roof of the cave. ”

Speaking to the Guardian, Finlayson He said “it was like recognizing Tutankhamun’s grave” when he and his companions went “to a place where no one had lived for 40,000 years.” And he added: “Very good, really.”

Work at the newly discovered chamber remains preliminary, but some interesting discoveries have already been made—and there are tantalizing hints that more is still to come. The team uncovered evidence of several animals, namely a lynx, hyena, and Griffon vulture. No marks consistent with butchery were found on these bones, The Guardian says. Signs were found on the walls of the cave, made of a specific animal.

Surprisingly, a A sea bullet, particularly a large dog bullet, was found in the room. It’s amazing, because the whelks can’t climb a rock, and the beach is a long way from the room. Finlayson told The Guardian that The cave is about 20 meters above sea level, “it is clear that someone took it there 40,000 years ago.” The bullet “is an idea that humans have always been on land,” he added.

Archaeological excavations at Vanguard C.ave will continue, as will seeking burial in a cave. Future findings may also shed light on Neanderthals, a group of people who died 40,000 years ago and probably 32,000 years ago. The Gorham caves in Gibraltar are considered to be the last resort against the Neanderthals.

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