5 NBA basketball fans should count

NBA fans are always looking to add to what they know about their favorite players and their teams. They watch games, read stories, follow their favorite stars on TV, stay focused on what’s going on in their lives and watch a new movie that can be viewed regardless of platform.

Another great way to learn about the history of the game and the rise of its superstars is to pick up your best NBA-written books. There is a wealth of such books, written by some of the best journalists, fans and intellectuals. The men not only followed the size of the league, but also wrote a story about the best players ever.

Here are five ideas that every NBA fan should add to his or her library to further his or her education in the game.

# 1 Love the Game: My Story Writer Michael Jordan

You would think that any book Michael Jordan. But About the Love of Sports: My Story by Writer Michael Jordan, Edited by Mark Vancil, chooses a different approach, and tells MJ’s story through a coffee table book.

This book, first published in 1998, is a few months old Chicago Cattle won their sixth NBA title, using stunning graphics, new design and minimal but helpful descriptions of Jordan’s journey to the NBA.

The book is priceless, but it is worth investing in for any Jordanian lover, who wants to see any success for this famous star through a well-crafted book.

# 2 Basketball Book

A book to have if you are an NBA fan, Basketball Book renowned NBA writer Bill Simmons (now a Cutter Fame) sees major events in the league and discusses its players in detail. What makes this book even more interesting is the words of Simmons. His voice is like a nervous fan who talks about his favorite sport, but Simmons also incorporates his obscure interest.

The book’s success is that it not only climbed to this number on the New York Times best-seller list, but also led Simmons to A podcast called Book of Basketball 2.0 in 2019 where he reviewed how the NBA and its famous pyramid in the hall have changed over the past decade since his book was first published in 2009.

# 3 Demonstration boat: The Life of Kobe Bryant

Late LA Lakers writer Kobe Bryant
Late LA Lakers writer Kobe Bryant

Although author Roland Lazenby also wrote a great history of Jordan, Michael Jordan: Heart, his book on Kobe Bryant, Demonstration boat, it is very interesting. Why? Because there is so much MJ on the tour team so it’s hard to surprise big Jordan fans. But inside Demonstration boat, Lazenby tells so much about Bryant’s life that it’s hard not to always appreciate his research and writing.

As one the defendant wrote of the book, “He [Lazenby] very fond of Kobe’s good works, but allows readers to reinforce their love or hatred for Kobe on the 600+ pages of this book. ” Demonstration boat, such as Lazenby’s Jordan, has been translated into a number of languages ​​outside of English, a clear proof of the book’s success.

# 4 Basketball (And Other Things)

This is a very interesting book by author Shea Serrano. First published in 2017, BAOT is a weight-bearing book that looks at NBA history in a fun way. While there is a subtle analysis of topics such as ‘How good was Michael Jordan?’, There are also humorous chapters like ‘How does a player’s legacy change when we change their names?’ and ‘If you eat one person, who will be?’

BAOT was on the list of the best books by US President Barack Obama of 2017. The success of the book led Serrano to write two more similar books, including Movies (and Other) and what will be known soon Hip-Hop (And Other Things).

# 5 Sprawlball

If you want to understand the latest NBA season, there is no better book than Kirk Goldesberry’s Games to help you understand. Goldsberry, a researcher at ESPN, uses infographics in an amazing way to describe the explosion of three-ball shots we see in the NBA today.

Goldsberry’s 2019 book discusses the science of modern NBA analytics: the need to play near the basket, the increased need offered by the league, through a series of legal changes, three-point shots, and the need to reach the free throw line. Again, it has a technical manual, but the language and infographics make for a fun reading.

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