2021 Fantasy Soccer Preseason Roundup: Mac Jones, Trey Lance, Ty’Son Williams among the riders.

The preseason is over, and the next part of the NFL game will be on September 9 when Dallas travels to Tampa Bay for the opening Thursday Thursday 1. Jones, Trey Lance, and Marquez Callaway – especially in competitive sports.

Preseason is a time for unprepared players like Williams to show they have to make a team of 53 men. Even early adopters like Zach Wilson and Trey Lance get a chance for a valuable game before their career begins. Instead, we’ll look at how we can support our interest groups in their early days. So, yes, the preparation season is not everything, but as dreamers, we should pay attention to anything that gives us information about how each player can achieve.

Below, we jump to the top and give you the basics right now based on our layout. While they’re not “unattractive players,” they are the guys you should add to your viewing at the beginning of the season.

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2021 Preseason Roundup Football Ideas

QB Riser: Mac Jones, Relatives

Preseason Stats: 36-for-52, 389 yards, one pass, zero INTs, 97.4 passes

Jones has watched the NFL-preparation preseason this season, as well as the news of Cam Newton is being cut off by Relatives it means he has intervened starting Week 1 against Miami. Many think they have won the job sometime this season, but success in the preseason looks like a temporary shot. It is now essential for both QB / Superflex games. However, do not rely too much on a single QB contract, as the Gentiles tend to prepare for long-term football and often start Jones with training wheels. It’s hard to see him even as a low QB2 right now, but obviously he can achieve this if all goes well.

Jones has moved our layouts in QB28

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Rider | Above 200

QB Riser: Trey Lance

Preseason Stats: 19-for 41, 276 yards, three touchdowns, one INT, one hitting speed, 83.0 passer rating.

While Lance’s proliferation finish raised eyebrows, he showed off his raw and rocket talent in the past. In short, it’s a double runner Jimmy G who can expect to be, and by wiping him, he can have a lot of interest right away. It’s always a good sign to see set up near the goal line, where quarterbacks can isolate themselves emotionally. His running strength gives him a solid spot when he starts, which we think will be sometime this season.

Lance and our QB23 he has no doubt where he started – and his amputated bone does not help – but he has QB1 right away when the day comes. He could be valuable in both QB / superflex competitions if he doesn’t start “following the turn of the 49ers QB in their final preseason game, but you probably don’t want to take that chance until you see him get half the game.

More QB Extras: Zach Wilson, Jets; Jameis Winston, Saints

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Rider | Above 200

RB Riser: Ty’Son Williams, Ravens

Preseason Stats: 24 carries, 130 yards, 5.4 YPC, one run run.

You do not expect injury, but when JK Dobbins tore his ACL, Williams was truly a benefactor. He appeared in the preseason and was reported to be part of the Ravens ’53 -man team, but is now on the lock to work with Week 1. He is known to be the youngest RB behind Gus Edwards. Last season, Edwards had 723 yards and 6 yards in the running. Never Ravens’ No. 1 RB for a long time, yet he has received at least 133 in all three of his NFL seasons. Edwards has been a thorn in the side of Mark Ingram and the Dobbins with ideas for the past two years, and who can say that Williams can’t be the ‘Gus Edwards’ for Gus Edwards – the fastest and most expensive TD carriers. After a massive threat, the Ravens are able to release a number of extravagant items. Not going to hurt Williams, but he was very encouraged when the Dobbins story came out.

Williams is undoubtedly the greatest man before the season, having not been named on our list before the Dobbins. At the moment he is living as Our RB50 standard and RB65 in PPR competitions.

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Each group

RB Riser: Rhamondre Stevenson, Relatives

Preseason Stats: 30 carriers, 216 yards, 7.2 YPC, five runners’ touchdowns.

Stevenson takes the title for the most impressive preseason performances in the entire NFL. Obviously, it’s a pre-season pre-season, and they often played against the rest of the season, but they showed up well enough to keep your relatives comfortable selling Sony Michel. No, Stevenson will no longer be the Pats ’fault receiver this year (except for Damien Harris’ injury), but he will have a benefit. Like Williams, Stevenson can see the task of fighting goals and sometimes he can carry on. We’ve watched this video several times – Young Bandits will be back every Sunday. The biggest disadvantage, is a RB top coat tied to Harris.

Stevenson is known as ours Na. 46 RB standard and No. 51 RB in PPR.

More RB Extras: Phillip Lindsay, Texans; Devin Singletary, Money

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Rider | All of it

WR Riser: Marquez Callaway, Saints

Preseason Stats: Eight pages, 165 yards, two welcome.

Callaway has the hype around him as any receiver in the NFL, and is undoubtedly the biggest winner of the preseason in the area. After Michael Thomas underwent foot surgery, people quickly looked at Tre’Quan Smith. But the deceptive train of Callaway began to advance, and it became the target of the beloved Saints. He looks to stay in the role of receiving X in the absence of Thomas, and Jameis Winston’s success in QB’s career only helps his case as a low profile. To begin with Thomas’ injuries were released on July 23, Callaway ADP has climbed more than 100 places, at Underdog fiction

Callaway is ours WR46 standard and WR43 in PPR competitions. It’s easy to see him continue in those roles, especially if Thomas has missed most of the year. However, its ascent must stop somewhere.

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST

WR Riser, Terrace Marshall, Panther

Preseason Stats: Nine seizures, 181 yards, one seizure.

Marshall has been impressive in the preseason and is seen as a key figure in Year 1 even though he was behind DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and Christian McCaffrey in terms of what he wants. It will be difficult to know when to start once he is injured, but his preseason play has made him one of the best players in football and DFS.

Marshall is ours WR94 in regular competitions and WR99 in PPR. Obviously, the layout may not please everyone, but as mentioned above, he is very important in other races. Don’t expect a high place every week. In the pre-planning teams, he’s one of the best guys to look at on the remaining wire, especially if Moore or Anderson is injured.

Most WR risks: Josh Palmer, Majaja; Corey Davis, Jets; Tyrell Williams, Lions

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end

TE Risers: Juwan Johnson, Saints

Preseason Stats: three active sessions, 80 yards

The converted receiver is just a rider because he has been running with the first team error. They sat out there in two TE teams, along with Adam Trautman. If they were just a ban, it would not be unreasonable for us. However, they are driving on the streets, and in a limited area of ​​competitive sports, it is important. Trautman was ruled out of the Saints preseason game against Jacksonville, and although his injury is not serious, there is a chance he will miss a long time or not work properly. Johnson is still the guy you want to kick us out with and get into some fun ideas, but he needs to be evaluated and he could be a part of DFS.

Johnson is ours TE36 in the local league, and TE39 in PPR – not too bad for the guy who received it zero interesting before the preseason.

Cause of Snakes | Selling | The Best Ball | Kings / Guardian | IDP

More TE Extras: Chris Herndon, Vikings; Pat Friermuth, Steelers

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