16 Home Office Offices on Desks, Laptops, Webcams, Designers, and more

Working from home that’s fine. But if you do it regularly, you probably need more than just a laptop and a kitchen table. Fortunately, most of us on the WIRED Gear team have been working at home for years, trying a few things along the way. If you need anything, our favorite set of downloads has been downloaded right now.

For more information, see ours full guidance on home appliances, plus our instructions to the laptop stands up, and webcam, the mouse, keyboard, and paper makers.

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Laptops Stands and Desks

ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Location

Photo: ObVus Solutions

This has been the case our sturdy standalone laptop last year. It usually sells for about $ 70, but when you click the button on the page, you can save $ 5. That’s just fine. It makes your laptop longer and more durable, so you have to sit or stand during the day. I’ve used it for a year and it hasn’t wasted a single solid time. Considering how expensive laptops can make, this is a steal.

As laptops get faster and thinner each year, they also appear to come with fewer ports. In this case, we need a lift. This doubles as a small setup, giving your laptop a small boost that you can connect to a good laptop model if you have one. It also includes ports for HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, SD (and MicroSD) cards, USB-C, USB A, Ethernet, and 3.5mm headphone cables.

The ObVus tower is great, but if you want to stand all day with a laptop, monitor, and separate keyboard and mouse, you need something bigger. FlexiSpot EN1 is a good option. These tips can be a little confusing, but if you can build it without losing your mind, it’s cheaper than most good desks (before you remove it!). It rises from 28 inches to 48 inches in height and there are three heights that you can keep for quick change. There is also a file for type without plans $ 70 less.

This desk is not the cheapest, but it is cheaper than its $ 130 price last year, as well as a good price. They look for the smallest detail in place of the most sophisticated equipment, but they are not necessarily lacking or stable. The minimalist design allows it to reconfigure your own setup, instead of being tied out.

Monitoring and Mounting

Vissles cover

Vissles Portable Monitor

Photo: Vissles

We recommend that you try another option, as a small laptop is difficult to drive when several windows open. But if you want to change it and work from an office (home or anywhere else), a street coffee shop, or your dining table, this lighting is the best option. We loved (9/10, WIRED Advises), and all you need is one cable to install it. This color doesn’t have the kind of visuals we like, but still great if you don’t want to touch it.

If you have a program (portable) that you like, consider upgrading it. This one is very good so it is not very good, plus it weighs 20 pounds. Make sure your program uses VESA ride.

Actions on Webcam

The image can be with Electronics Camera and Webcam

Razer Kiyo

Photo: Razer

We all look at ourselves at Zoom meetings. Do your best and boost your lighting so you don’t look like you haven’t slept all week. By Razer Kiyo, our favorite cameras, you get great lighting with a good HD (1080p) camera. The 82-degree visual field is slightly larger than most webcams.

The price of this camera has doubled since the plague hit, but it is a good camera with HD 1080p views and a 78-degree viewing angle. It doesn’t have a built-in lamp like the Kiyo, but it works better with less lighting. It has minor drawbacks. We did not like the fact that the microphone is recorded in mono and not stereo, and it has a short cable that makes it difficult to use with the desktop (laptops are fine, however).

Despite the discounts, this is a very cheap website, but it is the best Anker camera and available, which is not to say many websites.

Mechanical Graphics

Steelseries Apex Pro laptop with rainbow lights

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Photo: Steelseries

Keyboard players it is often sold as a “game” keyboard, but it is very much nice to write us nine na-fivers. This type of keyboard comes with all bells and whistles, plus a small LED display that displays alerts of your color and volume. Any privacy policy may be changed by your modification.

If you really like high-end keyboards and keyboards, then this is the one you should get. Changes are valid and dynamic, necessary for the game and the performance. In addition, keys were designed to predict changes — and RBG lighting.

If you do not use a keychain or a pen, a 60% keyboard may be just fine for you. They take up very little space and often cost less, so that your desk can retain some shape. This is a WIRED writer by Jess Gray 60-percents favorite because it just feels like your main keyboard.

Group Activities

Steelseries Prime Wireless game mouse

SteelSeries Great

Photo: SteelSeries

As mentioned above on the game keyboard, game mice can be good for regular computer use. And if you play after work, you don’t have to change your preferences completely. This SteelSeries Prime Wireless mouse is our favorite mouse games we tried. It should be connected to the size of the hand and is quick and obedient. For people who work in various areas of the home, it also has a great opportunity if you are connected to a PC tower.

The price of this mouse varies, but it jumps to $ 150 which is why it is a good time to buy if you want a high-end game mouse. It has a clear transition with a response time of less than 0.2 milliseconds, and is ideal for use with ambidextrous.

Paper Design Plans

Photo: Erin Condren

A good planner should please your family working together. We don’t like one because everyone has their own preferences, however we think the pen and paper are good. Erin Condren is a major player in the production world, and for now full page with 25% discount. WIRED author Louryn Strampe calls Weekly LifePlanner a “Rolex paper maker.” It has three options (horizontal, vertical, or hourly) that you can choose from before you go out and you can customize your plans with the same covers.

I like the preparation. It has a flexible layout every week so I can write down everything I need to do that week and on the day, In addition, it has beautiful celestial drawings and gives me insights into lunar systems and world events.

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