Who is Calling the Shots Here? Biden Reaffirms Successful Evacuation of Americans Hinges on Taliban Cooperation (Video)

Once again, Feeble Ol’-Joe was about to expire on Wednesday, making everyone wait for him to finally reach the stage and fight for 10 minutes of his defeat in Afghanistan.

As usual, he tried to read the teleprompter and murmured incoherently, before leaving the room to answer any questions.

Speaking sharply, he bowed to the Taliban again.

The world leader – the world’s largest military ally – has reassured the world that the United States is now relying on terrorist alliances, whose ideals are in the midst of a Western collapse, in order to oust disrupted U.S. citizens.

ABOUT: BREAKING: US troops begin to withdraw from Afghanistan – Biden turns his back on US troops

This guy is completely shy.

“However, the end of August 31 depends The Taliban continue to work together and allow the people we send to the airport, and nothing will interfere with our work. “


In other words, the Taliban are calling for a ceasefire in the Biden regime.

Joe Biden has neglected counselors in all of this work. Now 10,000+ Americans are facing the possibility of being left to fend for themselves against the Taliban if they are unable to escape by the last day, which they have secretly agreed to at the end of the month.

U.S. citizens have been detained in a number of republics set up by Taliban insurgents, who beat them and tortured them as they tried to flee the country.

It is up to them to allow the American people to pass safely.

What a joke.

Biden has severed ties with corrupt governments and enriched himself at his expense, now selling the Americans and reducing the alliance with the enemy he holds.

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