When Reporters Ask About Abandoned Americans, Secretary Of State Blinken Turns Back And Walks Away

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s coverage of Afghanistan on Monday ended as he turned and left as reporters began inquiring about the hundreds of American citizens left in Afghanistan.

Blinken had given almost 20-minute speech about how to recover.

As he walked out, the reporter said, “Have the supervisors violated their statement that no American is left?”

Blinken didn’t answer, instead walked out of the room.

Blinken: ‘We will arrest Taliban to achieve what will allow people to travel to Afghanistan’

In a statement, Blinken said Biden’s leaders would “lead our conversation” and work with the Taliban to keep Americans at home.

“We will continue our relentless efforts to help the American people, foreign nationals and Afghans leave Afghanistan if they choose to. Our commitment to them will not be in vain.”

The Secretary of State said, “We promise the Taliban that they will promise the people to leave Afghanistan freely.”

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“The Taliban are committed to ensuring that anyone with the right documents leaves the country in a safe and orderly manner,” Blinken said. “They say this in secret and in public often.”

“On Friday, a Taliban official said this on television and radio,” he said. he added. “And I’m quoting words,” any Afghans can leave this country, including those who work for the American people if they want to and for whatever reason. “

“Once again, we will give them responsibility for this commitment,” he added. “But even if we have hopes for the Taliban, it does not mean that we have relied on the Taliban.”

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The American People Left

Politics reports that even “President Joe Biden earlier promised that the US would ‘stay’ in Afghanistan to every American relocated, ”many still remain in the country.

“On Monday, Marine Corps General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced that the last U.S. troops stationed at Kabul airport had left,” said Political Insider. “And hundreds of The American people were left behind. ”

In what many see as dismissal, the Republican House shipped notes against Blinken Thursday.

“Secretary Blinken has failed to live up to his pledge and has instead led to the disregard for our interests, security, and ideology in his pursuit of the American military and its resources in Afghanistan,” the statement said.

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