When does Sylveon come to Pokemon Unite?

Sylveon, Intertwining Pokemon joined Pokemon Connect rocket. This was confirmed by The Pokemon Company on August 18 in Pokemon Direct.

Sylveon has been part of the franchise ever since the sixth generation of Pokemon games and have been very popular since then, being the newest member of the Eevee website and having the newest brand in the franchise, a Kind of a fairy.

Pokemon Connect: When is Sylveon released?

Sylveon in anime (Photo via Pokemon Company)
Sylveon in anime (Photo via Pokemon Company)

Following the incident after Pokemon Direct, data analysts found that Sylveon’s number was present on the game. The findings of the mine listing Sylveon’s threats include:

  • Fast
  • Products
  • Copy
  • Fairy Wind
  • Releasing Kisses
  • Hyper Words

However, these are just parts of the unpublished laws and cannot be enforced to date. The date of Sylveon’s release was not disclosed. Sylveon’s role in the game and his favorite tactics has not been revealed or re-announced, and the move to the Alliance is still unknown.

Along with Sylveon, Mamoswine was immediately announced. Whether they will be released together or not is unknown. This page from the official Pokemon Unite Twitter page contains the announcement.

Since the duo were immediately announced as Pokemon Unite tourist destinations, players speculate that Sylveon and Mamoswine could come along with the port on September 22.

While many fans were anticipating the arrival of Sylveon from the start of the game, unfortunately they have been waiting a bit longer. Players have not yet received Blastoise, which was announced before the game was released to the public. Very few updates on the upcoming Pokemon Unite rocket have been released and announced, so unfortunately players are just waiting for more information.

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