Western Digital Charges Charging – And Modifying Its SSDs

Not all SSDs are designed the same way. Some models, more expensive, are designed to offer faster read / write speed, better stability, and more. This is the difference that people look for when buying a new SSD, which is why it is important for manufacturers to be fair and transparent on their displays.

However, this does not seem to be the case with Western Digital’s WD SN550 Blue. This is a new SSD by a company that costs $ 200, making it a great value-added commodity for those who buy a budget. However, it appears that the WD units that are sent to the monitors as opposed to the ones that are being sold to clients are different from each other.

This was first discovered by a Chinese monitoring page Description who found that WD may have completely changed the flash used in the Blue SN550 units. What this means is that the original functionality corresponds to the original units that were sent for review, but when the SLC NAND cache is exhausted, the functionality exceeds approximately 64% of the original.

He says the epidemic and chip shortages around the world are forcing manufacturers to get more, which makes sense. However, the problem that many seem to be taking here is the lack of transparency because this means that consumers are buying something that they expect to do as advertisers, to find out that it is not.

Reports from Extreme Tech and user reviews have shown that WD is not the only one, but that other manufacturers such as Adata, Crucial, and Patriot have also replaced it in the past.

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