U.S. government agencies want to increase the use of facial recognition

Ten organizations are also working on research and development in the region, including law enforcement agencies, security, international security, and the government. These organizations had their own goals, but some did research to investigate many of the most recognizable facial expressions. The Department of Justice, for example, analyzed the relationship between skin tone and the amount of fake matches on face recognition systems. Some were researching how to make the machine more accurate even when analyzing people wearing masks.

The report also demonstrated interpersonal communication and shared facial recognition and information. Many government agencies are said to have found their way into state and local government. The Department of Defense has revealed that their information “has a mechanism to request the search of a person’s identity through the states specified, as well as the inclusion criteria.”

A spokesperson for a digital nonprofit organization on Computer Frontier Foundation “The most important report by GAO shows that the federal government relies heavily on face-to-face expertise. The biggest irony is its use by law enforcement agencies. do not look at anything. ”

In June, GAO was released reports on face recognition of 42 government agencies that use the police. It showed several enacting laws Agencies used facial recognition following a series of fair protests last summer and the January raid on the US Capitol. The report also found that 13 of the 42 organizations did not understand how to use the technology. An announcement from BuzzFeed News shows that the GAO report must have been insufficient, five government agencies claim to have never used the Clearview AI system when they were.

Acquisition of technology is growing in all spheres of government. Last March, Clearview AI yati 3,100 of the 18,000 U.S. agencies, government, County, and councils – about 17% – have used the program.

There are no US laws on the use of facial expressions, although rules are expected. Many states and cities prohibit law enforcement and government programs, although your ban does not prohibit government use.

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