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After falling for Serena P. on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Joe Amabile sat down and watched her relationship with another man on the August 24 show.

Thomas Jacobs arrived on Aug. 24 episode of Bachelor in Paradise with a date card in hand. Even before Thomas arrived, some of the other guys from Katie Thurston’s season of Bachelorette began to warn everyone about Thomas’ bad behavior on display. However, he was a veteran of the show, Joe Amabile, who had heard of the difficulties of Thomas’ first visit.

Joe knock down and Serena pitt on the first day, and gave her her flowers at the first ceremony of the flower. However, Thomas decided to interview Serena on the day he stayed with her, and – despite being warned by other men – she agreed. This immediately gave him the final showdown Bachelor in Paradise (season five). He had Kendall Away at the show, but he was open to seeing other options throughout the season. Although the two ended up together after the filming, they strengthened themselves separation in January. 2020.

Joe Amabile presents Serena Pitt’s flower on ‘BIP.’ (ABC)

“I think it’s Serena P. and we have a real connection, so if she goes on a date, I’d be a little disappointed,” Joe admitted to the other guys. “I can’t tell her not to do it. From what I hear from you guys, they don’t look like good guys, but I have to meet him personally. I wouldn’t be angry with her for starting a relationship. We have already talked about this. ”

After receiving a date with Thomas, Serena made sure to pull Joe aside to let him know. “I love you so much and I feel so good with us,” he assured her. “But it’s still too early and I said if I got down here I’d open it.” Admitting it, Joe added, “This feeling sucks. I’ve been through it before. So it will be a long day, I tell you. I can get rid of it today, which can suck. I don’t want to go through this again. It doesn’t really matter to me.”

For Joe, all of this was reminiscent of his first trip Paradise. “The last time in Paradise I fell in love with Kendall at the show, with this guy Leo he came in, he stayed one day, and it’s a strange feeling to know someone you really love and you see a good future to go with, “explained Joe.

serena pitt
Serena Pitt in her swim at ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. (ABC)

On the day, Serena and Thomas played with the water sport, and admitted that she was “very fond of it” right away. Soon he was kissing the sea.

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