The Taliban’s chair at the UN Commission on the Status of Women is ‘possible,’ says John Bolton

TThe Taliban, with a long history of oppression and violence against women, is ready to appoint a special United Nations Commission on the Status of Women after establishing a prominent government in Afghanistan, a former UN ambassador says.

Prior to the rapid capture of Afghanistan and the Taliban insurgency, as well Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ousted him The flight to the United Arab Emirates, the future of Afghanistan’s leadership, and its representation in international organizations, is unknown, says John Bolton, a former US ambassador to the UN.

“You have a new team coming up, and the UN has to decide, ‘Do we accept the new ambassador’s credentials?'” Bolton told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday. “It is possible to dispute this and deny the seat. You could say it is not acceptable.”


However, incoming governments, even those that have been established in a number of ways, are replacing those for whom they have written, the former governor added, recognizing that rejection is rarely common.

“It is strange and it has not worked out in many cases,” Bolton, a former United Nations envoy to former President George W. Bush and former president Donald Trump’s national security adviser, continued. “I think the result is that the Taliban are sitting down.”

Of particular concern is the Afghan chair at the Commission for the Status of Women. Afghanistan got a seat in 2020, receiving 39 votes.

UN explains Commission for the Status of Women as “the world’s leading international organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.” The mission of the organization is to “work together on other issues to advance development and to encourage women to enjoy their political, economic, and cultural rights.”

The support of Taliban women has attracted international attention though Trying to reduce fear future in Afghanistan as law-abiding, violent. Even the Taliban he promised on August 17 that “they are ready to give women a place to work and learn, as well as the presence of women in various (governmental) groups in accordance with Islamic law and our culture,” the Taliban leader said. showed The next day for women’s rights women to be in opposition.

“Our students have to decide whether girls are allowed to go to school or not,” said Waheedullah Hashimi, the Taliban’s top leader on August 18.

As the United States spent decades supporting the former Afghan government in the fight against the spread of the Taliban, the group posed a number of threats to girls’ schools, which targeted them in the belief that women should not receive education or participate outside the home.

In addition, recent reports from Afghans in their homelands suggest forced marriages between local girls and Taliban leaders, as well as the brutal killings of military personnel.

Afghanistan’s current role in the UN has been to push for a “cohesive” government under the Taliban as it seeks international support for democracy – something the Taliban have been fighting for years.

“Today, I am speaking on behalf of the millions of people in Afghanistan whose future is fast approaching and have an uncertain future,” current UN ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the UN Ghulam Isaczai He said on August 16. “I am speaking to Afghan girls and women who are about to lose their right to school, to work, and to participate in the political, economic, and social development of this country.”

Isaczai urged the UN to emphasize that “the Council and the United Nations do not recognize any authority that can fulfill their powers by exercising any power or government that does not unite and represent all nations.”

He also called on the UN to establish a “permanent government that represents all races and women; which will bring about a dignified and lasting solution to conflict, bring peace, and preserve the past two decades, especially women and girls.”

“In the face of future challenges, the Permanent Mission remains strong in support of Afghanistan’s free and democratic values ​​that respect the values ​​and traditions of our diverse people and protect the rights of all women and men in Afghanistan,” Afghan mission at UN He said this in a statement on August 19, the 102th celebration of independence in Afghanistan. “As a proud member of the United Nations, we are determined to remain united and work with our international partners and allies to achieve a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.”


Following the capture of the Taliban in Kabul on August 14, the US evacuated or helped evacuate about 37,000 people, as well as about 42,000 people last month.

This has led to shocking images of those trying to flee, including Afghans who were drowned after clinging to US planes, and one woman to ask President Joe Biden, who has pledged to relocate all US citizens seeking repatriation, is “helping” those who are missing “in Afghanistan.

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