The new Israeli Prime Minister will present a new demonstration on Iran at an upcoming summit with Biden

Naftali Bennett. GIL COHEN-MAGEN / POOL / AFP via Getty Photos

Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, is no different from his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, in legal matters, but wants to make himself a politician at his next meeting with President Biden at the White House later this week. New York Times reports after a brief interview.

Like Netanyahu, Bennett does not agree with the United States to re-establish a nuclear deal with Iran (the enemy of Israel), seeks to expand territories in the West Bank, and does not support the US idea of ​​re-establishing a Palestinian ambassador to Jerusalem, the Time notes.

That said, Bennett hopes to re-establish ties between Israel and the US, which are sometimes in vain, especially when Netanyahu was dealing with Obama’s administration. “I call it good government,” Bennett said adauza a Time. “There’s another area here – coming up with new solutions, being more realistic, more thoughtful, and more tolerant of your peers.”

One way he plans to do this is to introduce new “ideas” to Iran. Despite his opposition to the nuclear deal, he He said he wants to find a way to reach an agreement with Biden on the matter, although he has not commented on the request in detail, other than to say he is determined to form a “treaty between Arab states” that will “protect” Iran “from growing and … a desire for control.” Read more on New York Times.

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