Thanks to Joe Biden the Taliban Now has Over 200 Military Aircraft — Ranks them as #26 in List of Nations in Combat Aircraft Strength

Taliban fighters on US warplanes in Afghanistan

It’s worse than we thought.

Joe Biden gave the Taliban and its Islamic allies the opportunity to acquire hundreds of US weapons.

Instead of destroying the weapons before leaving the country, Joe Biden decided to give up about $ 85 billion worth of weapons in the Taliban.

ABOUT: BREAKING: Taliban Does Not Grow August 31 Last Time To Leave US – Threatens Biden Regime, “Complete Release By August 31 or Consequences” (VIDEO)

According to The Gateway Pundit report Sunday – Joe Biden left More than 300 rifles than those given to Mexican artisans in Obama’s Fast and Furious program.

The full list was created for you to learn more about the team and support from other sources. This list does not contain all the other types of non-lethal weapons, all from MRE’s, Medical Equipment, even electronic drinks.

The big issue could be the money pallets that the Taliban have been sending to smuggling weapons and the $ 100 billion they seized.

Earlier in the day we sent a complete list of US supplies left in the Taliban by Joe Biden.

As a result of Lance Migliaccio on the list.

One example is below:

Now this…

According to the NationMaster list the Taliban are now ranked # 26 in all countries the number of warplanes.

The Taliban now have # 26 in world power thanks to Joe Biden.

This does not end well.

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