Swedish Officials Pay $ 1.5 Million In Bitcoin To Drug Addicts

One of the reasons why those who do illegal things like to use bitcoin is because it makes it harder for governments to recognize. This is because money is provided by governments. They are also placed in banks that have systems in place to detect suspicions or restrictions, which is why bitcoin is the best way to do business.

This is what three drug dealers in Sweden were doing, even in 2019, who were eventually arrested and jailed. As a result, Swedish authorities confiscated 36 bitcoin that the drug dealers had made from their products, but instead of labeling the prices as bitcoin, the prosecutor turned the kronor. At the time, one piece was worth about 40,000 kronor ($ 4,600), meaning that the total cost was $ 1.3 million kronor ($ 149,000).

Officials tried to sell the piece, but because it took them almost two years to get there, the price of bitcoin went up while one price was now worth about one million dollars ($ 50,000). This means that government officials now owe money to drug dealers for up to $ 1.5 million in unspecified amounts of money, which is undoubtedly a disgrace to live on.

Swedish authorities have admitted from now on that this was the first time that prosecutors had obtained funds available in cryptocurrency, so there was no proper guidelines. However, we think it has an expensive lesson that they will use in the future.

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