Researchers Find NSO Group Malware Redirecting Donors

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Bahraini politicians’ iPhones were recently hijacked using NSO Group Pegasus spy software, according to new report published by researchers.

Digital challenges, which target people connected to Bahrain for Human Rights, as well as members of political organizations banned from home, took place at various locations between June 2020 and February 2021, according to Citizen lab, a research team by the University of Toronto.

In all cases, the NSO hackers of “zero-click” iMessage, a powerful attack that would not require fraudulent exploitation and simply use security vulnerabilities in the software to hack the device.

The powerful corporate marketing software, Pegasus, can completely disrupt the target phone, to allow user that read notes, listen to music, capture microphones and cameras, key connectors and much more.

The Citizen Lab claims that four of these are the government of Bahrain – known as the “most popular spyware user,” and that it has been using NSO resources since 2017. by another government, researchers write.

“Bahrain has a history of brutal repression of dissent,” researchers write, further noting that the government “employs a number of methods to block or suppress internet content.”

For years, NSO has been accused of aiding corrupt governments as they spied on political dissidents, journalists, and human rights activists. Such claims gained further legitimacy earlier this year with the publication of the “ Pegasus Project, ”Reports Israel’s chief spy agency. The operation unveiled a list of nearly 50,000 phones – which researchers say represent “Pegasus”. The list has been confirmed as add a number of dignitaries around the world, including presidents, former ministers, and the king.

The NSO has always defended itself against allegations of misconduct – often alleging that its drugs are only used in the fight against “terrorism” and in rape. The company claims to sell only to the military and to the artisan organizations and has done so cruel contempt what the Pegasus Project found, calls them “nonsense.”

“As always, when the NSO receives credentials regarding the misuse of the system, the company will scrutinize their claims and act on their findings,” the company said. told the Guardian, in response to a recent report in Bahrain.

However, critics say the company is full of this.

“Although they have been involved in human rights abuses for 50 years, the NSO Group says it is committed to protecting human rights,” he said. the report reads. “However, this is in stark contrast to the overwhelming evidence that their spy programs are being exploited by oppressive human rights authorities, the media, and other civilians.”

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