Prince Harry & Meghan Markle join in an “informal” conversation with Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Prince Harry is Meghan Markle is in contact with Prince William and Kate Middleton and according to the royal expert, the two couples are sharing the “ casual ” video on video. According to US Weekly, royal expert Stewart Pearce says, royal families are still “very close” even though they have recently collapsed.

Diana’s author Pearce: The Voice of Change, in conjunction with US Weekly claims that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are Duke and Duchess of Cambridge they chatted with each other on Zoom and FaceTime phones and said, “They’re very close.”

The paramedic said that even though the families shared different views, they respected each other. Adding to the details of the duo’s connection, Pearce also said their talks were “futile”, with Middleton and William talking to Sussex’s “cups of tea.”

It was announced earlier in June that Kate had been in contact with Meghan since Lili arrived and that she was sending her notes and gifts. Regarding the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William, the two recently met to pay tribute to their deceased mother, Princess Diana at a ceremony to unveil the event to commemorate their 60th birthday. According to reports, not only did the brothers associate with each other at the meeting but they appeared to be united and opened another page in their relationship amidst difficulties.

With Prince Harry soon announcing his explain everything, fans are hoping to find out more about his relationship with his older brother since he was a child and especially now that he is out of royalty with his wife Meghan Markle.

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