Pentagon Reportedly Knew Terror Attack Was Planned Hours Before Kabul Bombing

The Pentagon responded to Politico’s report that officials had identified and prepared to threaten “mass casualties” at Kabul airport shortly before an attack that claimed the lives of 13 United States military personnel.

Politico on Monday published an article claiming that – through the explanatory letters of the conference that the store found and asked questions with security officials – that the officials warned others Leaders in the departments are preparing for a “more massive event.”

Lloyd Austin, secretary of defense, “has advised more than a dozen leaders around the world to prepare for” emergencies “.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has revealed that officials have revealed that the “smart” intellectual ISIS is preparing for a “serious offensive”.

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Warning of Multiplication

A Politico report shows that Lloyd had warned of a serious threat to the military.

“I don’t believe people are at high risk on the ground,” he said, according to his report.

Although they became aware of the “massive plot” planned, the authorities tried to close Abbey Gate, where American citizens were instructed to gather.

“The Americans decided to open the gate longer than they wanted to allow their British counterparts, who had hastened their departure time, to continue releasing their staff,” Politico wrote.

They say the U.S. military was “still preparing to enter the airport at the Abbey Gate” when a suicide bomber struck, killing at least 200 people.

Thirteen members of the US working class were among those killed.

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The Pentagon was furious

Politico’s policy continues to outline measures that have been taken to prevent “accidental” damage.

One of these things includes “informing the Taliban’s hideouts about the dangers” and “asking them to pass judgment on their investigations.”

This is a great revelation considering, according to the Daily Mail reports, that the suicide bomber “passed through a Taliban depot to reach a safe viewing platform at Kabul airport.”

It describes how the American military was called upon to rely on the Taliban for some part of its security and how such confidence was eroded.

Pentagon he replied to a Politico report on the posting of what he saw as a useless journalism.

“The issue is based on the unofficial disclosure of cultural knowledge and internal opinions on issues,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Politico.

Where did he stay four years ago? Confidential documents are released almost daily under former President Donald Trump.

Kirby went on to say that the Pentagon had tried to defuse the issue.

“As soon as we found out what had been revealed to the reporter, we spoke to Politico on a large scale to avoid disseminating information that could put our troops and what we do at the airport at high risk,” he said.

The issue comes as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan face an increase he wants to resign or to be protected for their contribution to the crisis in Afghanistan.

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