Mikel Arteta also urges Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette to return to West Brom tie | Football Stories

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is delighted with the prospect of bringing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette back into the fold.

Aubameyang only took it as a replacement once the Gunners opened two games this season – coming in the second half of a 2-0 win over Chelsea – when Lacazette missed them all after being tested for coronavirus.

Both are expected to take part as Arsenal follow their first Carabao Cup win over West Brom on Wednesday, and Arteta knows the benefits.

“This is very good news because we really want them,” he said. “We know that a big part of what we want to do, as I said before, will be guaranteed in the boxes and these are the players with the biggest risks in the team.

Wednesday 25 August 7:30 pm

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“All of them are very important to us because they can put the ball in the net. We want to shoot, we want them to the best of their ability and the team has to help them achieve this.

“I think we are sometimes moved by the interest of the youngsters, the skills and abilities and the potential we have through the team, but the ones who have shown us our success and who should lead our success are the great players.

“These are the ones who have to drive everyone and then our young and developed players, they have to add to that.

“Foundations and foundations need to be provided for this. They have the responsibility and we hope that when all the players come back healthy, they will be the same drivers and the same leaders.”

Arsenal’s difficult start to the season, losing the first two Premier League games 2-0 against Brentford and Chelsea, has left Arteta feeling pressured.

He knows it was the first time he had been unaccounted for and says the only result is the only thing that can save him.

“Well, you have to realize first that the responsibility we have is not where we want to be and we should not accept it,” he added.

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NOTE: Highlights of Chelsea’s success against Arsenal in the Premier League

“We don’t have to use too many excuses to help where we are, just try to use the moment and the challenges that lead us as opportunities and take it and encourage everyone around you to have the same thoughts, the same power and things will change around.

“We’ve done a lot of work, right now we’re in trouble, but we want everyone and the spirit to be fair around here, the unity we have in the community, and even though we have ownership, it’s strong, but we have to strengthen our fans and maybe external support and it only comes with results – that’s why we have to get results. “

Merson: Do we expect Arsenal to beat Chelsea?

Arsenal are millions of miles behind Chelsea. A game like that is not the bread and butter of Arsenal, it was Friday before, against Brentford. If Chelsea had gone to Arsenal and played the game, they would have been disappointed. That’s right.

This is a time of worry for Arsenal, there is still a long way to go but if you try the last two games you should know that Arsenal are and will be a middle team. I mean, do you think Arsenal will finish four before they get on the ball?

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Jamie Carragher reviewed Arsenal’s plans to deal with Chelsea’s threats and described them as naveve on Monday night’s first Premier League competition.

It’s okay to say, ‘remove Mikel Arteta’ or, ‘change owners’ but, first, the club costs a lot of money, and secondly, who should do the job? There is no line around the pitch to direct Arsenal because if you were a great manager with a good reputation you would be putting them on the line.

Yes, Arsenal should have beaten Brentford, but they should not have beaten Chelsea. If you can get heavy over the course of the season, he has three points behind the ball, then he has to go hit someone who is not expected to hit.

With Manchester City coming, their season will begin when they return from international holiday. They were injured as well as the players outside, so you have to give them a chance.

You can’t chase Arteta after just three games but if he doesn’t start beating like Norwich, Burnley and Brighton will be in trouble. Arteta knows this, it’s football.

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